While doing a little quilting, I felt something on the back of my leg.  Thinking it was a stray thread, I swept at it with my other foot.  It was a bee! In my house. In October. And yes, he stung me. I hate when that happens.  I am allergic to those little buggers and hate getting stung.  (Yes, I know how dumb that sounded.  I am sure nobody likes to get stung!)

I don't know what the bees are doing out in October in the Midwest but I do know it put an end to my quilting that day.  I wish they'd look at the calendar and go back into hiding until the spring.

My leg and I are feeling better now and I was able to do some more quilting yesterday and finished the project.

I do love the beautiful weather we've been having.....I guess the bees do too!  Maybe if I make a Bee Quilt and hang it up in my home, the real bees will stay outside. It's worth a try (or at least a good excuse for another quilt project).

Happy Quilting,