This beautiful quilt has been delivered safe and sound!


Two years ago, my sister mailed a quilt top to be quilted and a few other items in a box to me. I got a box with some packing materials but otherwise empty. Although the package was insured and the USPS (United States Postal Service) did pay the insured amount, we felt they did not put their best effort forth to locate the missing quilt. It was very sad and my sister said she planned never to mail a quilt or quilt top again.

My dear sister lives six hours away from me and with our horrible winter weather, was not able to make the drive to bring this quilt to be quilted. This quilt was made for my great niece (her granddaughter) and she wanted to bring it to her during a planned trip. I talked my sister into taking a chance and mailing the quilt to me. I planned to quilt it and ship it back to her before her trip. She packed it up, brought it to FedEx and we held our breath!!!

Whew.....the quilt got to me without even a dent in the box!

I quilted a Free Motion design over the entire quilt and did the binding so my sister wouldn't have to rush to complete it before her trip.

Then I got an idea and suggested that I ship the finished quilt directly to its destination so my sister wouldn't have to carry it with her on the plane and I wouldn't have to worry about it not getting to her before she left.  It all sounded good.

I shipped the quilt and we both used the tracking number to follow the package during its travels.  Winter weather struck again and my sister's flight was cancelled-----but the quilt was on its way!  She got another flight a couple of days later but although she was now traveling, we noticed that the quilt hadn't moved in 2½ days.  Again, worry set in.

I called FedEx and after going through the automated system, was able to speak to a person.  This representative was extremely helpful and caring.  I explained why we were so worried and she took the time to locate the package for me.  Although it had been delayed somewhat due to snowy weather, it had, in fact, moved over the two days and the problem was with the tracking -- not with the package!!!

I was sooo happy to get a message from my great niece, on Saturday, that the quilt had been delivered safely!  Whew, again. 

The quilt is safe and she loves it. My sister got to warmth and sunshine and is enjoying her travels. 

We are being told to expect six more inches of snow tomorrow!!! Sounds like quilting weather to me.

Happy Quilting,