Baskets and Bows

I have been chipping away at my "to do list" and made a lot of progress.  I'll admit I do get pleasure from being able to cross things off of the list!!!

Big & Little BascketRing-Bearer Pillow

My son is getting married soon and I have been working on some items for the big day.  The smaller basket is for the flower girl.  I dye  my own reed and made a deep purple to add a little color to the basket.  Before the big day, purple cascading ribbons will be tied to both sides of the handles.  Instead of a traditional rim on this basket, I made a rolled rim out of round read.

The larger basket was made to hold the little bottles of bubbles which will be passed out to the guests.  I used natural reed to weave a round basket and fashioned four bows from purple reed around the basket to add color here also.

The ring bearer's pillow is made from satin and stuffed with a light polyester fluff.  I found a great irredescent purple ribbon.  I sewed two pieces on the pillow  to tie the rings in place.  I laced the same purple ribbon through the double layered lace that I put around the outer edge of the pillow.  I crafted a handle from a piece of satin and attached it to the back of the pillow so the ring bearer has something to grab!!!

I also prepared the squares for the signature quilt and have the fabric markers ready to go.

Perhaps my biggest accomplisment was the shopping trip where I  found what I am going to wear to the rehearsal and to the wedding!!!

Happy Quilting,