Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts are more popular now than ever before.  There is something soothing, friendly and welcoming about seeing quilts or quilt blocks on barns as you drive through the country.   I like them so much that I want to get a barn just so I can have a Barn Quilt!

I have seen and read about Barn Quilts in other areas of the United States but last year I learned of Barn Quilts not too far from my home in Illinois.   I just read a newspaper article talking about the new Barn Quilts added to the barns of Kankakee County in 2009. If you live near or plan to visit the Chicagoland area these are worth looking at.

Sometimes Barn Quilts are painted on the barn itself.  The Barn Quilts of Kankakee County, Illinois are each a large (8' x 8' ) piece of wood painted as a quilt square and hung on the barn.  Apparently, only barns fifty or more years old are allowed to have a quilt square and be part of the tour.

You can get more information including some history, a brochure, a map and a complete list of the Barn Quilts included in the self guided tour by visiting .

So, the next time you are looking for something to do ... Grab your family or a few of your quilting buddies, gas up your car and take a ride!

Happy Quilting,