It was so hard to keep this beautiful quilt a secret!!!

My sister made this gorgeous Bargello quilt to be given to her granddaughter on her wedding day. I got to quilt this beauty for her but had to promise not to show it to you until after the wedding. We certainly didn't want the Bride-to-be to spot it and ruin the surprise!

QuiltQuilt Backing

The wedding was last weekend so I get to let the cat out of the bag!!!  Of course the Bride and Groom love this wonderful gift.  I think it's nice that I get to show it to you during National Sewing Month! The colors my sister chose for this quilt are perfect.  She did a great job piecing the thousands of tiny pieces in this top.  I love the way a Bargello appears to actually move and flow.  It looks a little different from every angle.

In my opinion, quilts are a perfect wedding gift and this one is extra special because it was created by the bride's grandmother. Life is good.

Happy Quilting,