Balancing Act!

I absolutely love my life and what I do...however...there are times it is a balancing act. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about. You know what it is like to tread as quickly as you can to keep your head above the proverbial water.

This spring was both challenging and exciting: Beside the regular family "stuff" we have had a few projects to complete. Our son bought his first home. My 69 year-old brother-in-law fell --- out of a tree ( OK, out of a deer stand in a tree, but still...). Yes, he is alright now. I was also making sure my second graders were prepared to move on to third grade, then teaching them a little more for good measure. Packing up my classroom for the summer. Training to be a state certified mentor. Working on negotiating a new teachers' contract. Attending meetings to prepare for the upcoming school year. Completing the class raffle quilt. Working on wedding quilts, birthday quilts, custom car quilts and graduation quilts. I even made a quilt with a giant red hawk on it. Yes, I fell behind on blogging, but ... I'll have you know that all of the quilts were completed on time!!!!! Whew!

Now that summer is here I feel like I can breathe a little. It is still a busy time for me but I can breathe. I find the green grass, flowers in bloom, blue skies and sunshine soothing. Somehow, even work is more fun with the sun shining through the window. If you want a real treat, get hold of a treadle sewing machine and work on piecing your next quilt top outside, in the sunshine with the breeze on your face. This is quite an experience.

If you have a favorite place or way to experience quilting please send it to me so it can be shared with others.

Happy summer and happy quilting.