Back to School

It was surely difficult to get up early this morning, get ready and make my way back to school after being off for Spring Break!!!  As much as I enjoyed the time away from school (time spent with family and friends, quilting, catching up on chores etc.), I did miss my children and the people I work with.  While catching up on all the shoes, haircuts, visits to grandma's, a trip to Florida and a broken ankle......two of my co-workers brought me surprises!!! They each had traveled over break and brought back pieces of fabric for me to add to the fabric I'm collecting for my international quilt project!!! One from Tennessee, USA and the other from London, England.  They made my day. 

I am thrilled to have the new pieces.  I plan to begin working on this project when school is out in June and hope to collect a few more pieces before then.  There are some promises out there --- I hope busy schedules allow them to come through  for me.  This is all very exciting.

I have decided it is time for me to quit procrastinating and show you the pieces I have collected already.  I took pictures of all of the pieces tonight and will start posting them tomorrow.  

Happy Quilting,