Back to Business

I am happy to say that my husband is feeling well and doing so much better.  He is back to work and back to being his old self.  I feel like summer has really just begun and I am busy with the normal activities of cleaning, yard work and, of course, quilting!

We are also very lucky to be able to have our grandson visiting with us for a couple of weeks. We are not used to having a ten-year-old in the house anymore, he keeps us busy and we love every minute of it.  He came with a list of things he would like to do during his visit so we've been working to get them all crossed off! We've enjoyed his favorite foods, gone swimming, played board games, built a campfire, gone to the movies, played board games, done crafts, visited the Lego Store etc.  When I am working on a quilt, he plays with his trains set up in my studio!


A friend from work, who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, came for a visit and I gave her a Pink Ribbon Quilt I made for her.  She loves it a lot and was very thankful! I am glad I purchased the ribbon die for my Accuquilt machine. I have used it often.  It is unfortunate that so many people in my life have been touched by cancer but I am glad I have been able to make special quilts that give them a little warmth and comfort.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

Happy Quilting,