Baby Quilts

We have a new grandchild on the way!  Our son and his wife are expecting a baby girl and we are all very excited.  Our grandson is ten years old so it has been awhile since we have had a baby around here!

Princess QuiltSelvages Quilt

These two quilts are the first two to help give her a warm and cozy welcome into the world.

Princess Fabric 1Princess Fabric 2

I saw this Disney Princess fabric and couldn't resist it. It went into my shopping cart so fast... there was a blur!

Each of these fabrics is sparkly. I fussy cut (carefully cutting so the image is centered) each of the princess blocks 6½" for a finished 6" block. I also fussy cut each of the princess crown blocks. They were cut 4½" for a 4" finished piece.  I found this beautiful yellow with gold stars to match the color of the crowns and some of the princesses gowns. I cut 1½" strips  for a 1" frame around each of the crown squares (they are now each 6½" squares like the princess squares). I laid out the squares in a 4x5 grid alternating the princess squares with the crown squares. Next, I cut 1½" strips of the pink fabric with swirls and used them for sashing (1" finished).  I added a 4½" (4" finished) border made from the purple fabric with swirls and small flowers. Then a 1½" (1" finished) pink swirly border and finally a 6½" (6" finished) purple swirly outer border.

FabricLable 1

I used a solid pink sparkle fabric for the backing and added a label before quilting an all over design of wandering loops.

Selvages Fabric 1Selvages Fabric 2

The second quilt is made entirely of selvages (the edge of the fabric which identifies the fabric using information such as the designer, manufacturer, year and colors used).  My daughter-in-law loves a lot of color and this is a colorful quilt.

I cut the selvages so at least ½" of the fabric shows. I think this adds character to the quilt and makes it more attractive than just using the white strip of information.

I sewed the selvage strips together (lay one strip on the other exposing approximately ½" of the fabric's design/color-sew very close to the edge to secure the two pieces-repeat to desired size) then squared up (cut so each block is a particular size with straight edges) each block to measure 6½" for a finished 6" block.

I sewed the blocks together into a 5x6 grid alternating the pieces in a horizontal/vertical placement.

FabricLable 2

I found an awesome tie dyed fabric for the backing. This beautiful fabric contains shades of green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, red and pinks with a little splash of black. I named this quilt "Colors On The Edge" and attached my label before meandering the entire quilt.

I like to quilt baby quilts with a fairly close over all pattern because it helps strengthen the quilt for its many washings and frequent use.

My hope for these quilts is that they will be comforting, loved a lot, hugged tight, dragged around,  napped on,  traveled with, cuddled under, snuggled with during bedtime stories and maybe... just maybe... be "the blankie"!

Happy Quilting,