Baby Quilts

I love baby quilts.  I love babies.  All of a sudden I have the opportunity for several!!!  Two of my fellow teachers are going to be new parents and one of them found out she is expecting twins.

I would love to hear from you.  What is your favorite pattern for a baby quilt?

The expecting parents have not decided  yet how the nurseries will be decorated but I am anxious to at least decide on the patterns.

I like to make baby quilts no less than 40 inches by 55 inches.  This allows the quilt to become the "blankie" as the baby grows into a toddler and gives him/her enough  room to cuddle in or play on. 

I like to use a term coined by one of my first quilt customers --- a quilt like this is a "drag-about" quilt. Thank you Bessie.  A drag-about quilt is a  quilt that is well loved, well used and dragged wherever one might go.  I like it when the quilts I make become the drag-abouts.  I like to know that my quilts bring happiness, warmth and comfort to their owners!

Happy Quilting!