Baby Quilt

Baby quilt photo

I am very happy with the way this project turned out!

It all started with the beautiful embroidery done by Debbie (thank you for letting me share) on this cute prequilted panel.

No matter how good your embroidery skills are, (and let me tell you, she is skillful) I don't think anybody wants the back of their embroidery showing!  She brought this to me and asked if I could help.

We decided to use a thin layer of batting to help hide the knots and strings left by the embroidery process and add a backing.

Since the panel was already quilted, but the batting and backing were not, I did outline quilting on the animals, their toys and their quilt. This simple quilting enhanced the quilt and held everything together without overpowering the quilting already in place.

The panel had rounded corners and since I did not want to have to take inches off of the size of the quilt by squaring up the sides, I left the corners and created a slant as I did the binding. This left the size of the quilt intact and added a little character.

A lucky baby will get many good nights of sleep under this beauty!

Happy quilting,