Baby Quilt

It felt really good to work in my studio for a couple of hours after school today.  I'm having a difficult time getting things done lately because I still get tired easily but little by little I'll get back to normal.

I am anxious to be able to show you the new project I am working on.  I'll be able to show you after December 9! I am creating a special baby quilt that will be given at the baby shower on December 9. The new mommy sometimes reads this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise so I'll have to be vague for now! I'm sure she knows I will make a quilt for her but she doesn't know that I found some great fabric and am fussy cutting it to showcase a very special print.

This is the first of many baby quilts I will be making for 2013. All of a sudden there are new mommies expecting precious deliveries all around me! There is nothing better than new life. I adore having babies and children around and love when a quilt I've made becomes "The Blankie".

Happy Quilting,