At the Heart of Quilting

I had a great time visiting my sister and the Gammill dealer "At the Heart of Quilting" in Beloit, Wisconsin.

I was planning a trip to At the Heart before Covid hit, but, of course, did not get there.

I am very fortunate to share my love of all things quilting with my sister. We live quite a distance apart and hadn't seen each other in awhile. When I heard that she was going to go to At the Heart of Quilting, I decided to hop in my Jeep and drive there!!

Turned out to be a great idea! I met her there. We visited, shopped, went out to lunch, hung out, went to dinner and hung out some more. Much talking and laughing was involved.

From the moment I walked through the door of At the Heart of Quilting I felt welcome. Everyone there was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. They answered the many questions I asked and demonstrated tools and equipment for me.

I purchased some supplies, tools and gadgets which I packed in my Jeep and drove home the next day.

Thank you to everyone at At the Heart of Quilting for helping to make my adventure such a pleasant and fun experience.

Happy quilting,