Anniversary Signature Quilt

I was speaking with one of my quilters today.  I called her to let her know that the two quilts she had dropped off were finished and ready to be picked up.  We've known each other for awhile and spoke on a variety of topics.  In the course of the conversation she told me about the plans she is making for the celebration of her (and her husband's) 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Of course, I asked if she was planning to make a signature quilt!!!  She was not exactly sure what a signature quilt was but said she wanted to know more  so I explained it the best I could and gave her a few ideas.  I also suggested that she consider adding a photograph or two to the quilt.  Maybe a wedding photo, an anniversary photo or both. 

She is very excited about making a signature quilt  for her anniversary party and I promised to get everything ready for her so we can go over it tomorrow when she comes to pick up her quilts.

I cut 6½ inch squares from a white on white fabric.  I suggest placing the fabric squares on a piece of oatmeal (or another rough textured) paper so it does not slip around while people are writing their sentiments to you.  Provide several permanent fabric (all black or a variety of colors)  markers so people don't have to wait in line too long.  It helps to write out directions and remind your guests to stay ½ inch from the edge to leave room for the seams.  If I make a signature quilt for a gift I set out the following poem by the supplies:

                                A Special Quilt

                    The gift I am giving is on its way.
                    It will help us remember this special day.
                    A signature quilt is what I am making.
                    Some help from you is what I'll be taking.
                    I'm asking you each to write a note on a square.
                    A thought of your own, a wish, hope or prayer.
                    Keep away from the edges ½ inch that's an order!!!
                    Room is needed for sewing the seams and the border.
                    I'll stitch them together, piece, quilt and bind it.
                    And finally give it to them once I've signed it!!

                    Thank you for your help!

I'm excited about our visit tomorrow.  We will plan her quilt and get everything ready so she can take it with her.

Happy Quilting,