...And a Quilt Please!

The tooth-pillow was a success!!!  My grandson's first tooth fell out and the Tooth Fairy was very happy to find it tucked neatly in the pocket on the front of the pillow.  My grandson was thrilled to find his treasure right where he expected it -- in the pocket on the front of the pillow.

Now he has a second loose tooth that is only hanging on by a thread.  The tooth-pillow had to go everywhere with us today so it was available "just in case" the tooth fell out.  The pillow had to be close at hand so the tooth could immediately be tucked into the pocket if it actually fell out while we were out and about.

While riding in the truck, with him hugging his pillow, I said "I'm really glad you like your tooth pillow."

He sweetly replied, "I love it.  It's my favorite!  And Grandma, could I please have the quilt too?  I love quilts."

If you are a grandparent, you know what came next..... My heart melted a little and I said, "Of course you can honey.  I'm happy that you love quilts."

Tonight when he went to bed, tucked in his nest of quilts, still wiggling the loose tooth, still hugging his tooth-pillow, he also had happy thoughts of the plans for yet another new quilt. 

When I spoke about choosing either the tooth-pillow or the tooth-quilt I guess I mis-spoke.  Make them both and make your little one doubley happy!!

Tonight when I go to bed I will be tucked in under one of my quilts, thinking about and planning the additional project, knowing that my little quilting buddy will be working with me.  I will sleep well.  Happy.

Happy Quilting,