All Batiks

I had a great time working on this quilt.  The entire quilt is made from Batik prints.

Quilt Photo 1

The combination of squares and curves has a nice effect and seems to add motion to the quilt. The variety of prints and colors make this quilt come to life.

Quilt Photo 2

Although each block is turned in a different direction, which helps create an almost 3-D affect, each part of each block was quilted in the same manner and is appealing to the eye as it follows the pattern throughout the quilt.

Quilt Photo 3

Each of the wedges was quilted with three double loops which, when two or more wedges are together, has the appearance of a floral design.  This made the whole quilt "pop".The arches were each quited with three lines of small wandering loops.  These three rows followed the curves and appear to outline  the wedges.

Quilt Photo 4

The last piece in each block was completed with a medium meandering.

It's great when the quilt and the quilting compliment each other.  It seems to make the quilt come to life!!!

Thank you, Otis,  for sharing this wonderful quilt with us. 

Happy Quilting,