Accuquilt Snowman

I recently got these two dies from Accuquilt.

Fabric Stuff

Although these dies are for the Accuquilt Go and I have the Accuquilt Studio machine, I can use them with my machine because I also purchased the adapter which makes this possible.  I am very happy that Accuquilt came out with the adapter which helps make my machine more versatile than ever.

Monday was a day off of school for Columbus Day. A friend and I had a quilting day together. It was wonderful. We had a lot of fun talking and "playing". She also has an Accuquilt machine and we were comparing our dies and coming up with many new project ideas to use them for.

School has been a little hectic with evaluations, new students coming in, many meetings, implementing new programs, testing and preparing for up-coming events.  It's nice to know I have something new to play with when I come home and finish grading papers and writing lesson plans.

My daughter and grandson were able to come for a visit this weekend.  My grandson had the day off of school for a Fall Break on Friday so they were able to come in Thursday evening.  My daughter was invited to speak to a couple of the Junior High classes on Friday and we had the rest of the weekend to visit.  My grandson liked the looks of these adorable snowmen and asked if we could cut some out of the "foamy stuff".  I happened to have some sheets of foam so we tried. I worked great!  Now I know I can use that idea for a project with my students at school!

I am not ready for our weather to turn cold and the snowflakes to start falling so real snowmen can be built, but I am ready to start creating some beautiful projects with these beautiful snowmen.

Happy Quilting,