Accu-quilt Cuts

I met a quilter who is having some trouble cutting the pieces for her quilts.  Some of the trouble comes from having a difficult time using a rotary cutter, some of the difficulty is due to medical problems, and sitting in a chair trying to cut with a scissors just doesn't work.

I offered the perfect solution....I will cut her pieces with my Accu-quilt machine!!!  She was thrilled with this idea. 

She makes sure the fabric is pressed, chooses the quilt pattern and tells me what size she wants the finished quilt to be.  I cut the pieces.  She pieces the quilt top and brings it back to me to be quilted.

The number of clients wanting this service is growing.  Some of the people who want their pieces cut do so because they have difficulty cutting,  some because it saves them alot of time and some because they love the way the pieces are precision cut.  This is a great way to get a quilt kit make with the fabrics you choose and allows more quilts to be created.

Happy Quilting,