Some people do not like to receive gift cards as gifts.  I hear them talk about the gift card as if there was no thought put into the gift.  I totally disagree.  I think a gift card is a wonderful gift.  When I receive a gift card I know that I get to choose a gift I really want. Perhaps I would choose to add some of my own money to the value of the gift card and get something I was not otherwise able to afford.

I found a sale on gift cards!!! Check out where they are offering a free $25.00 gift card if you purchase a $100.00 gift card.  This is a great value and a great idea if you have a quilter on your list who you still need a gift for.  I can't think of any quilter who would be upset by receiving an Accuquilt gift card for Christmas or any of the other winter holidays.  

I absolutely love my Accuquilt machine and think Santa may have to get one of these gift cards to put under my tree.

Happy Quilting,