Someone brought a bag of fabric pieces to me that she wanted cut into apple cores for a scrap quilt.  This quilter loves the apple core block and makes beautiful scrap quilts with them.  The apple core piece is difficult to cut by hand because of all the curves.

The fabric pieces were of various lengths and widths.  Some were yardage, some were scrap pieces. The prints and colors were all different too.  The variety  will make a terrific looking scrap quilt.

She had hoped there would be enought fabric to yield enough pieces for her to make a king size quilt.  I was able to cut 1132 pieces from the fabric provided so she will be able to make at least two quilts.  There are enough pieces for two queen size quilts or one queen size and one king size quilt.  Of course she could decide to make more if she makes smaller quilts like twin size or lap quilts.

I love my Accu Quilt machine.  It allows me to precision cut pieces and cut faster than ever before.  I am also braver about trying different patterns because the pieces are easier to cut and since they are cut perfectly, they are easier to sew together.  I thus have less frustration, better looking quilts and more time for quilting because I spend less time cutting!Smile

Happy Quilting,