A Quilt For Everyone!

A good friend of mine stopped by today to drop off another quilt to be quilted. This woman is a great quilter. She makes beautiful quilts and gives many of them away. I have seen her give quilts for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, shower gifts, to welcome a new baby, to support several different charities and more. During our conversation she commented that she hoped that no one felt like she was "pushing" her quilts on them!!!!! Oh my goodness. I tried to assure her that no one would ever feel that way about a quilt. Quilts make a great gift for any occasion, and it's not just us quilt addicts that think so! The more I think about our conversation, the more I think I'm right. The more I think about that, the more I think about how a quilt makes us feel... the love, the calmness, the warmth, the comfort, the happiness, the softness, the peace, the safety, the relaxation and, I don't about you, but when I'm ill, the Frog Quilt always makes me feel better:) The more I think about that, the more I think everyone should experience what a quilt does for you at least once in their lifetime. All of this made me start to think about all of the people that have never had a quilt of their very own........SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... I would like to challenge everyone who reads this to make and give-away a quilt. You could give the quilt as a gift to a loved one, as a contribution to a charity, to a hospital, a nursing home, the police, the fire department or anyone else you can think of. We may not be able to put a quilt into the hands of each person in the world, but it will be fun to try. While you are planning your Give-Away Quilt would you please blog about this or tell all of the quilters you know? If everyone passes this message on, we can get more quilts into the hands of more people. Who knows...we might reach everyone. Think of how much better the world will be filled with happy quilt-comforted people!! I would love, love, love it if you would send a pictures of your Give-Away Quilts to me. Thank you in advance. Happy Quilting, Laurel