A Quilt Design Coloring Book

This is a great coloring book.  Yes, I'm an adult and I bought a coloring book for myself!!! This is a Dover coloring book of Traditional Patchwork Quilt Designs by Carol Schmidt.

Quilting Book

I am a long-time fan of Dover Books.  Their books are affordable and last a long time.  They feature crisp, clean lines and use quality paper.

This particular book contains thirty, ready to color, patchwork quilt motifs including Tumbling Blocks, Joseph's Coat, Double Nine-Patch, Carpenter's Square, Shoo Fly, Log Cabin, Goose in the Pond, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Card Tricks,  Pineapple, Dutch Rose, Hands All Around and many more.

Quilting Book Page

There are actually more than thirty motifs when you consider that this Patchwork Block Sampler page features twelve individual blocks! This page alone shows the Windblown Square, Free Trade, Double T, Crossed Canoes, Old Maid's Puzzle, Swing in the Center, Spools, Churn Dash, Flock of Geese, Gentleman's Fancy, Whirligig and Bear's Paw.

I'm excited because I can use this book in my classroom as an educational tool,  in my quilt studio as a design tool, and just for fun.  I love having the blank pages to try out different color combinations and check out the results before cutting fabric for a quilt project.  These pages can also be useful when planning a sampler quilt.  It lets you plan the layout of the sampler blocks on a smaller scale than waiting until you have the actual, full size, quilt blocks completed.  Besides all that.....they're alot of fun to just color!!!

I bought an extra copy which is giving me something to color during recovery.  I am amazed at the different results I get by simply changing just one color!

Happy Quilting,