A New Math Book

I found this new book today! This book is published by Scholastic and written by Cindi Mitchell. It is a color by number of sorts as you color according to the answers of the math problems in the spaces of the quilt blocks. It contains 100 reproducible activities that motivate kids to practice multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, prime numbers, place value, symmetry and more.

Math Quilt Book

Some of the pages will be too difficult for second graders as written but I really like this book and can use the pages with second grade appropriate problems.  And you never know.....I've taught other grades before and may teach other grades again.

I love being able to add this book to my collection.  I use quilts and quilt related materials in my curriculum at school every chance I get.  I enjoy having a wide variet of materials to choose from when planning my lessons.

My students enjoy watching the patterns develop as they finish the pages and  I like that they are practicing their math lessons while having some fun.  Sometimes we put the finished pages together on a wall or bulletin board to create an entire paper quilt.  I love watching their expressions as they see how differently the blocks look alone, together as a whole quilt and with "sashing" added. Perhaps a young quilter will be born!!!

Happy Quilting,