2021 Countdown to Christmas

Remember the Advent calendars with the 25 little doors with a candy piece behind each one? Children begin on December first and open a new door each day to count their way to Christmas. I had always thought there should be such a thing for us adults.

There are many variations of them now days for children and grown-ups alike! Last year, by the time I learned about Jenny's Countdown to Christmas from Missouri Star Quilts, they were already sold out!! This year, I acted quickly and was lucky enough to get one!!

My sister, who is also a quilter, lives six hours from me. Due to weather, we rarely get to see each other during the winter. She ordered one also and we decided to enjoy this together.

Starting December first, we called each other every morning. First, we would each try to guess what was in our package of the day, then we would open them at the same time! This was so much fun! Our guesses were often incorrect but each surprise was delightful.

I am sure everyone has opened their packages by now so I am not ruining anyone's surprise by including a photo of each day's treasure.

We will certainly try to get in on the 2022 countdown too!

Happy quilting,