13 Years

This week marks the 13th year anniversary of my long-arm quilting machine.   I must say I have never regretted the decision to purchase my machine and it has been very good to me!

I remember a day almost 14 years ago when I was frustrated with a quilt I had quilted on my regular sewing machine,  I had no idea it would be my last.  I was frustrated because my quilting wasn't perfect.  There were a couple of little puckers and I was upset.  I showed the problem to my husband and said, "I'll continue to make quilt tops but I won't be quilting them anymore unless I can get a quilt machine or find someone who has one."

My dear husband said, "So why don't you get one? ..... What's a quilt machine?"

After a lot of discussion, a lot of research, and some "financial planning", I decided to order a long-arm machine from Gammill.    They delivered, set up and showed me how to operate my new baby!!!  I have enjoyed quilting ever since.....and.....no more puckers!!!

Happy Quilting,