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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this holiday season brings you happiness and joy.

I got an early Christmas gift this year!  My son and daughter-in-law stopped by with a little gift bag.  Inside was a beautiful pink Mirano glass bead for my Pandora bracelet!!!  This was their wonderful, clever way to tell us that the baby they are expecting is a girl!  Our new granddaughter is expected to arrive in May.  May the quilting begin!  I am excited to be able to make some girly quilts.

My daughter and grandson are visiting for the holidays and decorating our tree was great fun with my grandson's help.

Gifts are all wrapped and under the tree.  I'd better get some sleep because I know he'll be up early.

Merry Christmas and

Tis the Season

I, for one, am glad the world did not come to an end yesterday!  I can't even count all of the "End of the World" predictions I've lived through in my lifetime.  I remember being a young child and being really worried that "they" knew what they were talking about ..... and always happy to realize they were wrong and the world lived to see another day!

Farmall Tractors

NiceNiceCuteCuteTractorTractorThe secret is out! The baby quilt was given at the shower last weekend.

Friends of ours are expecting their first child and know it is a boy.  Daddy collects Farmall Tractors made by International Harvester.

Hydrangea Basket

HydrangeasHydrangeasI recently finishBlossomsBlossomsBackgroundBackgrounded quilting this beautiful Hydrangea Basket wallhanging. 

The woman who made this quilt paid close attention to every detail. The basket is actually woven from slender tubes of fabric.  The leaves and vines are neatly appliqued complete with embroidered veins and each deWoven BasketWoven Basketlicate Hydrangea Blossom is a seperate piece with a beautiful glass bead center.

Baby Quilt

It felt really good to work in my studio for a couple of hours after school today.  I'm having a difficult time getting things done lately because I still get tired easily but little by little I'll get back to normal.

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you are enjoying a day of family, friends, good food and fun.  I hope you are able to spend some time today doing things that make you happy and reflecting on things that you are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Week

My adorable second graders have shared with me once again.  I am glad they are learning to share but do wish they would not share their illnesses!  "This thing" that is going around has knocked me for a loop.  All I have wanted to do is sleep. Sleep. And sleep some more! My sore throat is gone and I'm only coughing at night now. Enough whining now,  I am certainly glad I am feeling better so I can enjoy the upcoming holiday.

Veterans Day

Our music teacher put on a special music program at school last night to honor veterans in the area.  The students paid tribute to all who have fought for our country.

I was happy to see that so many stores and restaurants had special offers over the weekend for veterans.

I hope you were able to find a way to show your appreciation to a veteran too.


Grades are done, report cards are finished and parent/teacher conferences are completed! This weekend is mine. 

I do enjoy meeting the parents of all of my students and discussing their progress but it takes alot of preparation and some long days to hold all of those meetings so I am happy to have the weekend to "recover".

Tomorrow morning I plan to sleep late then get up and attack the day.  Now I'm going to go dream about which project I'll work on tomorrow.

Happy Quilting,

Election Night

I hope all of you that are of age and in the US remembered to vote today!

While watching election results on the television, I finally finished the repair-work (by hand) on a friend's quilt top.  Now I can think about how I'm going to quilt it.

I'm trying to stay awake to see the final election results but I don't think that's going to happen.  Since I finished my work on the quilt top I was repairing, I leaned back and got sleepy!  I think I'll have to wait until tomorrow to catch up on the progress of the election. Smile

Happy Quilting,

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