Whether you are a master quilter, a beginner or still just thinking about starting to quilt, we're glad you found onemorequilt. No matter what your level of quilting, it is our hope that you will share your tips, techniques, pictures, stories, successes, mistakes, questions, answers, advice, ideas, favorite tools/notions, and love of quilting will all of us. We can all learn from each other and perhaps, if we're lucky, enjoy a laugh or two along the way!!

Happy Birthday!

Well, Mom, here we go... OneMoreQuilt version 2.0 is live for the taking, just in time to celebrate your ***number redacted for fear of my life*** birthday. I hope you have fun sharing your love of quilts and quilting with the world.



P.S. Toys inside include:

Your quilt blog
One More Quilt Radio (coming soon!)
Any quilter can create a site for their quilt group
Quilt Forums (open ones for everyone, and private ones for groups)
and more!

P.P.S. Your grandson spilled ketchup on my leaf quilt today. Somehow I think this should mean another quilt for me.

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