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Grab A Kid and Quilt!

Little Fish ( my six-year old grandson ) and I found the perfect "rainy day" project.  He found some white fabric blocks left over from his Speech Therapy quilt that we made and wanted to know if he could draw on them.  I brought out a package of the Crayola Fabric Crayons ( available at Amazon and at

The International Quilt Lives!

The International Quilt Project has been on hold for a while since this summer has been so busy.  Beside everything else that goes on during the summer, my son bought his first house and I have been helping him paint!  The million trips up and down the ladder made me aware of muscles that I had forgotten about!!!

The International Quilt Project lives again and is moving forward.  A friend of mine went on a trip to London and brought two pieces of fabric back for me.

I Love A Good Book

During the school year, most of the reading I do is for educational purposes and lesson planning.  I love to read and during summer break I have a little  more time to read purely for enjoyment.  In this case, when I am not quilting ..... I am reading about quilters!!!

Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts are more popular now than ever before.  There is something soothing, friendly and welcoming about seeing quilts or quilt blocks on barns as you drive through the country.   I like them so much that I want to get a barn just so I can have a Barn Quilt!

I have seen and read about Barn Quilts in other areas of the United States but last year I learned of Barn Quilts not too far from my home in Illinois.   I just read a newspaper article talking about the new Barn Quilts added to the barns of Kankakee County in 2009. If you live near or plan to visit the Chicagoland area these are worth looking at.

Custom Car Quilt

Recently I had the opportunity to make a Custom Car Quilt for a man's 50th birthday ( welcome to the fun side of the hill, Jerry! ).  I must admit that I make more quilts for women than I do for men.  Not on purpose, it just works out that way!  This quilt was alot of fun to work on.

Through a Newbie's Eyes

I was able to do one of my favorite things today.  I worked with a newbie  ( a new sewer/quilter ).  Sometimes when you are a seasoned sewer/quilter you take certain things for granted.  You expect a certain outcome from your actions.  I love working with newbies.  Everything is new and exciting to them.  They don't know exactly what to expect and are always surprised when it happens.

Quilting Therapy-Speech

Quilting is theraputic in many ways.  My grandson and I are adding our own little twist to this!!! 

He has a bit of speech trouble and during the school year works with his speech therapist several times a week, his classroom teacher daily and we work with him at home.  During the summer months, he gets to work with his speech therapist about every other week and we try to come up with some interesting ideas to do at home.

Quilting Therapy - Physical

Quilting is theraputic to many people in many ways.  Quilting, by hand or machine, can possibly help some people with their recovery from an injury, ailment or surgery.  Many people have told me stories about how they believe quilts and/or quilting has helped them recover from a physical difficulty.  I would like to share a few of these stories with you.

...And a Quilt Please!

The tooth-pillow was a success!!!  My grandson's first tooth fell out and the Tooth Fairy was very happy to find it tucked neatly in the pocket on the front of the pillow.  My grandson was thrilled to find his treasure right where he expected it -- in the pocket on the front of the pillow.

Now he has a second loose tooth that is only hanging on by a thread.  The tooth-pillow had to go everywhere with us today so it was available "just in case" the tooth fell out.  The pillow had to be close at hand so the tooth could immediately be tucked into the pocket if it actually fell out while we were out and about.

Tooth Fairy Projects

It's always nice to know when a project you've made is remembered by someone.  It's even nicer when you realize that your project made an especially happy memory for one of your own children.

I was out shopping ( OK, I confess it was fabric shopping! ) when my daughter called me on my cell phone and told me I had an additional project to stitch when I got home.  My grandson had his first loose tooth and she said it was time for him to have his own tooth-quilt or tooth-pillow.  I hadn't thought about these in a very long time. It did my heart good to know that something so simple to make was remembered fondly after all these years.

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