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Paint Chips and Quilting

I survived the first week of the new school year and decided to reward myself with a little trip to the fabric store.  I wanted to buy some fabric for a quilt for one of the newly painted rooms in my son's house.  Off I went with paint chips in my hand.

Next time you paint a room, you might want to try this:  Take your paint chips (the little strips with several paint colors from the paint store that you use to choose the perfect color when you paint a room) to the fabric store with you.  Use the paint chips to choose the perfect fabric to match your walls.  It is amazing what a room looks like when the quilt you create truly matches the color of the room instead of just being close.

Happy Meal

My grandson, who is also my little quilting buddy, was very disappointed when he found the girl's toy in his Happy Meal today.  He was not at all happy to find the American Girl toy rather than the expected toy car.  This was, after all, the back to school celebratory Happy Meal!!!

Finally, after a long time, Little Fish decided to at least look through the little book about a girl named Addy.  Pretty soon his disappointment turned to excitement.  The little book talks about making a Story Quilt and contains two templates and two sheets of stickers so he could create his own story quilt.  Little Fish said to his mom, "I can make quiilts just like my Grandma.  You've got to see this.  I did it all by myself." 

A Trip Around the World With Dick and Jane

School is starting soon.  Summer break is coming to an end.  The good news ..... quilting goes on!!!

Double Wedding Ring

The Double Wedding Ring is one of my all time favorite quilt patterns.  There are some newer, short-cut versions of this pattern, but in my opinion, the traditional pattern is the best.  I love every little curve of every little piece.  The Double Wedding Ring is a beautiful quilt no matter what the fabric choices.  Having seen many  of these quilts, I can tell you that you can shop for days (always a treat!) for the perfect collection of fabrics or dig into your scrap bag, box or barrel.......no matter what you choose --- your quilt will turn out gorgeous!!!

But It Smelled!!!

I felt bad.  The damage was done.  There was very little I could do to help. A friend of mine  washed the quilt top before she brought it to me to be quilted.  The quilt top was all mis-shaped, bunched, wrinkled and knotted on the back.  Through her tears she said, "But it smelled really bad!  I couldn't bring it to you to quilt when it smelled so bad."

Please do not wash a quilt top before it is quilted.  No matter how badly it smells.  I have seen this many times and it is never good!  Sometimes the quilt top can be saved but, in my opinion, it is not worth the risk.  More often than not, permanent damage is done to the quilt top.


The scarecrows from "One Man's Trash" are coming along nicely.  I was in Michigan again  today and had the opportunity to visit the Buchanan Scarecrows.  They are absolutely phenomenal!  I brought some more batting scraps and was allowed in the workshop to see these works of art.  I saw scarecrows of all sizes (from very small children to large adults)  dressed up like everything/one  imaginable. 

County Fair

We went to the County Fair today.  My grandson is six years old now and the perfect age for the wonderment of the fair.  He, of course loved the midway and wanted to spend all of his time playing games, riding rides and eating food from the various vendors.  He met a friend and I believe they rode every ride they met the height requirement for.  Our daughter monitored the food, ride and game activity while my husband and I took in the exhibits.

Saved From a Flood

A quilting friend called me in a panic.  They had a plumbing problem in their basement and a good portion of her fabric stash ( about 14 full bolts and 2 rubber tubs full ) got wet.  The basement had a few inches of water in it but it was clean water.  She was afraid her fabric was destroyed and would have to be thrown out.  Lucky for her, another friend  had a similar experience a couple of years ago and I had a solution that was worth trying.

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world ..... we would all have time to take perfect care of our  beloved quilts.  We would fill our perfectly clean bathtubs with lukewarn water and soak our quilt in a very mild detergent.  We would continue to wash the quilt by hand, then rinse it twice in soft water.  Air drying, laid flat in the perfect temperature with a slight breeze ( not in direct sunlight, of course) might work best.  The quilt might then be displayed over a quilt rack or wrapped in acid free tissue paper and stored in a temperature controlled environment.

"One Man's Trash..."

Many of us live by the old adage, "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure".  We shop at garage sales, attend auctions, collect antiques, use hand-me-downs and donate to resale shops.  As quilters, we save our scraps for scrap quilts, string quilts, charm quilts and crazy quilts.  I absolutely love scraps!!!  I even  have quilting friends who save their scraps and give them to me because they don't use them.  When I get a box or bag of scraps it's like Christmas.  I love to sort through them.  I like to examine their size, shape, color and print.  I adore making  quilts with the vast collection of fabrics that I gather.

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