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Through the Eyes of a Child

I sometimes find myself being very conservative, especially with color.  I love earth tones, muted colors, pastels, brights, tone on tones and basic colors.  I find myself asking if the colors "go together" rather than if they "look good together".  I like balance.

I know what I like when I see it but am sometimes leary of taking the leep to create unconventional combinations myself.

Ready, Set, Quilt!

You already know I love quilting!! In fact I have to make a habit of sitting down at the computer BEFORE I begin working on a quilt, designing, or playing in my studio. Otherwise, I quilt until I'm so tired I can't focus on the computer screen and then tell myself I'll catch up tomorrow!!!  If anyone knows how to put more time in my day, or more days in my week (especially the weekends!) please let me know.

Comment Contest

Congratulations to Cat from Davenport, Iowa who posted the following comment and won the One More Quilt mug full of goodies!

Patterns, patterns, who's got the patterns?

 I am a simple soul . . . because I don't have time right now for anything fancy! My favorite pattern is the nine patch, at the moment. You can change the look and style with just a few simple steps - add borders, turn them on their points, etc, and get a different feel and a fantastic quilt every time. :)


Quilt Revival

I've been working on reviving some old quilts this week.

I love working on and finishing old quilts for people because I believe every quilt should be finished, used and loved.  Besides --- it's not a quilt until it's quilted!!!

Many people inherit, find, or are given old quilt tops.  Most don't know what to do with them or how to finish them.  I am delighted when they bring them to me.  The person who made the quilt top intended it to be a quilt and for some reason never completed the process.  When I get to work on these treasures,  I get to to finish the quilts so they can be used and loved as intended by the original creator.  If there is a story that goes with the quilt top --- its a bonus.

Hawaiian Quilting

This is the week at school when I introduce quilting and my yearly quilt project to my class of second graders.  Our reading story this week is Luka's Quilt.  Luka's Quilt is about a little girl and her tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian ).  This is a cute story which includes much information about traditional Hawaiian  quilting and the quilting process.  There is also some conflict resolution thrown in for good measure.

Comment Contest

Here it is.  A One More Quilt mug full of goodies.  Enter this drawing by posting a comment to this post ( http://www.onemorequilt.net/blogs/laurel/2009/09/comment_contest )  telling us which quilt pattern is your favorite!

The Teaser

The last week saw a slow-down here on the One More Quilt blog.  I was feeling a bit under the weather, and was a little slow to get the blog posts out.  I'm better now, and back to blogging.  We all have things that comfort us when we're not feeling well.  My favorite is to be snuggled under one of my favorite quilts with my daughter serving me hot tea.  No matter what my ailment, that helps me feel better.

Buchanan Scarecrows

Here is a sampling of the Buchanan Scarecrows I've talked about!!!  These scarecrows are fantastic.  I am very happy to have found out about these works of art and am delighted the creators are able to use up my humble batting scraps.  I'm not sure if it's because I was born to parents who lived through the Great Depression and taught me to be frugal or if it's just my nature but I hate to throw anything away.  I also like to do my part and reuse and recycle as much as I can.

I See Quilts!!!

Even when I am not quilting, many things make me think about quilting.  I'll see a tiled floor or wall and see a quilt pattern.  I'll see a child's drawing and imagine how it would look in a quilt.  I have to admit I am a doodler and have been known to doodle quilting designs and patterns during a staff meeting here and there.

I was working with Tangrams ( a set of plastic shapes you use to duplicate a shape or design shown on a card ) with my class at school and found it very easy to move the shapes and develop quilt patterns!  The shape cards have abstract shapes and things such as animals, boats, tents, houses and more.  All of the shapes can easily be cut out of fabric and pieced into a quilt!!!

Respect the Quilts

A quilter came to pick up a couple of her quilts I just finished quilting and in the course of our conversation she told me that one day when she went over to her son's house she found one of the quilts she had made laying on the garage floor!!! 

She did say that her daughter-in-law had used the quilt while taking the baby for a walk and it had fallen out of the stroller onto the floor, but,  it had not been picked up.  It was just lying there.  She was not happy.

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