Whether you are a master quilter, a beginner or still just thinking about starting to quilt, we're glad you found onemorequilt. No matter what your level of quilting, it is our hope that you will share your tips, techniques, pictures, stories, successes, mistakes, questions, answers, advice, ideas, favorite tools/notions, and love of quilting will all of us. We can all learn from each other and perhaps, if we're lucky, enjoy a laugh or two along the way!!

Grab A Friend and Quilt

For the most part, when I am working/playing in my studio, I am alone.  I do get a visitor once in a while but it is usually for a minute or two when my husband or daughter brings me a fresh cup of coffee or wants to check on the plans for dinner.  There is a play area set up and I really enjoy when my grandson plays with his trains or Legos and comes by to help me on a project.

Shopping Fun

What a rough week.  School, union meetings, negotiations, and parent/teacher conferences with 28 sets of parents, students falling ill, teachers falling ill, a friend having surgery and trying to keep up with all of the "at home" responsibilities too.  I can't think of a better way to battle the stress other than taking part in quilt related activities.  Soooo ... I set out to battle the stress.....

Cascade Quilting

I hope you were able to get some Cascade Gel with bleach. This is detergent used in automatic dishwashers but we are going to use it in this quilting project!!!  I have also gathered some of my favorite large foam stamps.  There are some with a western theme to go with my grandson's cowboy bedroom, farm animals with a barn and tractor, jungle animals, leaves, sea creatures, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, frogs, bugs, stars and hearts.  The choices of these stamps are as endless as they are fun to shop for.

Grab the Cascade.....and Quilt

Wow, it's already the end of the first quarter of this school year!!!  This weekend was spent working on preparing report cards and gathering information for this week's parent/teacher conferences.  This will be a crazy week of classes and conferences. 

I do, however,  have a project we can work on between the busy!!!  This project can be done in shorter sittings so we don't need hours at a time to work.  You can make a small wallhanging, table runner, table cover or an entire quilt.

Best Wishes

I have been sorting through all of the signature squares for the wedding gift I am making.  Each guest at the reception was asked to sign a square for the happy couple to comemmorate this special day.  I hope you get an idea or two from the pictures I've included.  I laid the squares together, in sort of a collage arrangement so you can see some of them.  As you can see (I hope they are clear enough to see!), some people just sign their name or write a brief message while others include a sketch.

Signature Quilt

My husband and I went to a wedding this weekend.  I am making a signature quilt for the happy couple. 

When I make a signature quilt I precut the squares to be written on (for this quilt they are six inch square, white on white pieces) and take them to the reception to be filled out by the guests. If you place the fabric piece on a piece of oatmeal paper, they don't wiggle and slide around so it is easier to write on them. 

I provide several fabric pens so several people can complete squares at the same time and not have to wait in line.  Often guests will take the supplies back to their table to complete their square.

Busy, Busy, Busy

This has been one of "THOSE" weeks.  Besides the usual crazyness of a school week, I've had negotiations meetings, union meetings, mentoring meetings, meetings with parents, and a school board meeting.  This hectic schedule reminds me of one of the many reasons I love quilting.  Quilting can be done for hours or days at a time but you can also  work on quilting projects for minutes at a time.  I truly appreciate this aspect of quilting when I have such a busy week.  I can come home and play in my studio for a few minutes or even an hour before I drift off to sleep.

Easy, Inexpensive Cutting Table

Not everybody has the need, money or space for a permanent cutting table.  Most people use their kitchen table, dining room table or banquet table as a cutting table to layout and cut out quilts.  Although using one of these tables as a cutting table will work,  I always end up with a sore back for a day or two because those tables are a little bit too low and standing half bent over for hours pulls on the wrong muscles.  

I have found a solution ----- and better yet, I have found an inexpensive solution ----- and even better yet, I found this inexpensive solution on clearance!!!

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a holiday in the state of Illinois so I was fortunate enough to have a three-day weekend this weekend.  Even though I had extra time, I kept very busy.  I got to see both of my sisters --- but not together!

We took a ride to Michigan to visit one of my sisters.  While we were up there we took another ride through Buchanan to look at the Buchanan Scarecrows.  They are all on display in their glory and are soooo much better to see in person.  We stopped for lunch at a great  little place called the Diesel Diner, which by the way, has a scarecrow by the cash register!  The ride was exceptionally pleasant too as the leaves are starting to turn colors.  I do hope you get a chance to see them (the scarecrows and the leaves).

Quilting For Dummies

I guess I am a little slow on the draw sometimes.  I'm sure you have seen the recognizable black and yellow books for dummies.  These are "how to" books for everything imaginable.  I have even joked when something didn't turn out quite right around the house saying things like "Maybe I should buy Cooking For Dummies."  or  "I guess I need  Computers For Dummies."  I never imagined they had one for quilters!

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