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Washing Quilts

I know that in a perfect world we would all wash our quilts by hand if and when we decided they needed to be cleaned.  We would use the mildest of soaps and we would line dry them, away from direct sunlight, of course.  I don't know about you, but I don't live in a perfect world.  I live in the real world.  My world is very busy and right now the weather in my world in freezing cold and there is snow on the ground so I'm not hanging anything out to dry --- direct sunlight or not!!!  Have you ever seen a "quiltsicle"?

Quilts and History

I have told you that I am a book freak!!!  I love books.  I can't get enough.  I read them from cover to cover --- even pattern books and instruction manuels.  Since I have been telling you about some of the books and activities I use in my second grade classroom this time of the year to teach about the Underground Railroad and the quilts used to help slaves find the road to freedom,  I thought I would share some information on the blocks used in the secret code.  I have found two great books that include alot of History about the Underground Railroad and patterns for the blocks used in the secret code.

The Underground Railroad

I'm going to share a couple of books with you that I use to introduce  the Underground Railroad to my children at school.  My second graders are fasinated by these stories and they always beg for more.

The first is "The Secret to Freedom", by Marcia Vaughan.  This book tells the story of an aunt telling her niece how she and her brother were able to escape slavery via the Underground Railroad and with the help of the quilt code hidden in Freedom Quilts.  Within the story of their journey, the book explains which blocks were used to secretly convey messages to slaves on route to freedom in the north.

Quilt Books

My head cold moved to my chest (I hate when that happens) and I stayed home from work on Friday.  In between the box of Kleenex, the remote control, the extra pillow and a large glass of orange juice I had a pile of my quilt books on my bed.  I love books.  I collect books. I read the books from cover to cover (yes, even pattern books and instruction books) but I am often too busy to take the time to enjoy the books again. Between napping and coughing,  I took the opportunity to look through a few of these books again since I didn't feel like doing much of anything else.  I really enjoyed going over this collection again and love looking at the patterns and ideas.  This created another problem though ----- my list of projects just got longer!!!!!

Freedom Quilts

Monday was a holiday here ( AKA no school!!!) to recognize Martin Luther King's Birthday.  This is always kind of the kick-off to teaching African American History  (February is Black History Month) in school.  As you know by now, I love to sneak quilts/quilting into my second grade classroom every chance I get.  I have developed curriculum on the Underground Railroad and the Freedom Quilts used to help slaves escape and reach freedom.  I love teaching this subject and it sparks the interest of everyone in the building, students and staff members alike.

New Quilts

I guess its time for me to quit moping around and get back to business.  I had a little pity party and have been missing my daughter and my grandson since they moved.  My dog misses them too!!!  He is having some trouble getting used to our new schedule, although I'm sure its the extra attention, playing, chew toys and treats that he really misses!!!

Quilting Helps Everything

The snow day did not happen!!! I guess I did jinx it after all, I was too prepared!

Come On Snow!

I know the students always cheer for a snow day,  tonight I am hoping for one too!!!  I won't be happy in June when they add the day to the end of our school year but there is something magical about a snow day when it happens.  Your alarm wakes you, you crawl out of bed and start getting ready for work and the phone rings --- your heart races a little bit --- you answer and the message tells you the school is closed due to bad weather!!!  That's the great moment.  You are already awake so you've got the whole day ahead of you.  The whole day is a gift of time because you planned to be at work and now you can plan what you'd like to do at home instead!!!

Quilt On The Go Kit

My very good friend's husband has being having some health problems.  They recently found out that he will be in and out of the hospital for some treatments along with frequent visits to different doctor's offices.  If you have ever had to deal with a serious illness yourself or with a loved one, you know it can be a long drawn out process with many hours of waiting, waiting, waiting.  I have a difficult time just waiting, I have to have something to do to keep me busy and help the time pass more quickly.

Happy New Year!

My calendars are all in their places and ready to go.  My resolutions are ready to be implemented (and hopefully carried out through the new year).  I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with good fortune and lots of quilting  opportunities!!!

Happy New Year --- Happy Quilting,

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