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How to Make an American Quilt

I was very tired by the time I got home today.  I worked in my classroom for a few hours, visited for a while then ran a few errands.  I was very happy that we were having leftovers for supper so I didn't have to cook.  As I finished putting things away and sat down for a moment, my husband said, "You're going to be happy!"  He clicked on the TV and showed me that he taped a movie for me.  He found and recorded How to Make an American Quilt with Winona Tyder, Maya Angelou and Anne Bancroft.  This 1995 movie is one of my favorites. I used to have a copy on VHS but haven't seen it in years.

Happy Anniversary

     My husband and I celebrated our thirty-third wedding anniversary last week!   We were happy to just spend the evening together.  My hubby picked up dinner so I didn't have to cook and we watched a movie together.  We've been through alot this year and I am very grateful to have him by my side.

     I got alot of rest and a little sewing done this weekend along with a little bit of yardwork between raindrops!

     I'm waiting for orders to come in from Keepsake Quilting, Clotilde and JoAnns.com! Even when I can't get out to go shopping.....the shopping comes to me!

Happy Quilting!

Work In Progress

Nine PatchNine PatchSince I haven't been feeling well this week, I was looking for a project I could begin from my easy chair!

This Nine Patch quilt project was in pieces when I found it among the treasusres from my storage locker score.  I wanted to finish the quilt so it didn't go to waste but I didn't like the way it was looking.  Whoever started this project had pieced ten of the Nine Patch blocks and assembled two rows. The sashing pieces in those two rows were a bright, white on white fabric.  The blocks are made using four squares of a fabric with a tan background containing swirls of blue, green, maroon and brown and five squares of a maroon/dark maroon floral print. 


Well, I certainly hope I'm not going to catch everything that goes around this year.  I am just beginning to feel better after an upper resporatory infection.  Let me tell you....a fever, coughing, blowing and lots of sleeping really cut into my sewing/quilting time!!!

Just as I was getting back to my normal activities!  Of course, my family thinks I started to do too much at once and wore myself out. Maybe they're right. Sooo....I'm going to take some vitamins and take things a little easier.  We'll see how this works!!!

Tommorrow I hope to be able to sew for awhile.

Happy Quilting,


Loving Leftovers

BarbieBarbieI found these leftover Barbie squares among my friend Jane's fabric.  I wasn't really sure exactly how to use them but I knew they couldn't be wasted.

I found the perfect pink on pink tonal fabric complete with butterflies to frame each block.  I added sashing and a border from a white on whilte tonal.  I added another border of each and will use the pink for the backing and binding.

I'm going to need a bigger box to bring all of these to the children's hospital.  That's fine with me.  More quilts, bigger box, more smiles.

Happy Quilting,


AlphabetAlphabetAlphabetAlphabetIn my effort to use leftover pieces from former quilts and organizing my fabrics, I started pulling out panels as I came to them.  I don't usually use panels to make my quilts but when I found these panels with a picture for each letter of the alphabet and numbers, I thought they were cute....and they were on sale!

I decided to finish all of the panels I could find and donate them to the children's hospital.   They aren't doing anybody any good just sitting around.

Great News

QuiltedQuiltedGreat News!!! I'm back to work on my longarm machine!  I know it doesn't sound like much but it feels sooo good. It's been a long recovery and I am happy to be getting back to normal. I want to thank all of you who stuck with me. Thank you for your patience and concern.

I was a little worried that I may have lost my touch after being away from my longarm quilting machine for so many months so I did a couple of practice pieces before working on a pieced quilt.  Quilting a couple of panels assured me that my quilting skills were not lost and created a couple of quilts that will be welcomed by the children's hospital.

A Little Help

A good friend of mine broke his ankle and cannot drive.  He is making some special table runners for a dinner at his church and needed some additional fabric.  Since he cannot drive yet, I offered to take him to Joann Fabrics.  I had fun helping someone else spend their money!Wink

Tucked In

Since I am able and allowed to drive again now, and had to opportunity to visit my daughter and grandson, I decided to take a little overnight roadtrip.

I was greeted with smiles and hugs. My daughter and grandson carried my things in for me and my grandson proudly showed me that he had helped get my spot ready for me.  I don't travel much and I forget how welcoming a quilt on the bed can be when you're away from home.  There was, of course, a stuffed animal all tucked in waiting for me as well!  I guess because I am around quilts so much, I sometimes take them for granted. 

Stray Pieces

PinwheelsPinwheelsWhile sorting through my storage locker treasures I found a bunch of loose pieces which appeared to be leftover from a Pinwheel Project.

Some were cut in different directions and there weren't enough to fashion pinwheels out of all of the background colors but I could not bring myself to stuff them back in a box.  They wanted to be a quilt!!!

The oranges, blues, grays and yellows seem to work together and add the illusion of motion to this quilt.  This top was made completely from those stray pieces and, once quilted, will bring warmth and vomfort to its lucky recipient. 

I am happy to be able to reuse/recycle these stray pieces and save them from the landfill.

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