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Time Change

Spring ahead....Fall behind.  It's time for us to change our clocks again.  I don't know why I feel like I should stay up an entra hour because we will be setting our clocks back tonight, but I did!!!  Of course I'm tired and will have to sleep in tomorrow morning.Smile


TiesTiesI am on a mission to collect enough neckties to make a quilt.

This is the beginning of my collection.  These ties were found at an estate sale for a very reasonable price.

I have seen a few very interesting patterns for quilts made from a variety of neckties.  I even saw a Bow Tie Quilt that had each Bow Tie made from a different necktie!!!   I am not certain which pattern I will follow or if I will create one of my own but I figure I'd better start collecting ties now in order to find enough for an entire quilt.

If you have a favorite Tie Quilt, I would love to see it.  I hope to have many different designs to choose from.

Fat Quarter Star

StarStarMy sister brought this Fat Quarter Star to me when she came to visit.  The reproduction fabrics are beautiful and the bundle fascinated me.

I did not want to undo the bundle but "had to" figure out how the pieces were folded to  look so cute!   While walking through one of the quilt shows, we saw other fat quarters displayed in these cute little star bundles and the vendor was kind enough to show us how it was done!

Each fat quarter is folded in the same manner you fold a flag for storage!  The triangular pieces formed are then turned, stacked and tied with a ribbon or string.




While doing a little quilting, I felt something on the back of my leg.  Thinking it was a stray thread, I swept at it with my other foot.  It was a bee! In my house. In October. And yes, he stung me. I hate when that happens.  I am allergic to those little buggers and hate getting stung.  (Yes, I know how dumb that sounded.  I am sure nobody likes to get stung!)

I don't know what the bees are doing out in October in the Midwest but I do know it put an end to my quilting that day.  I wish they'd look at the calendar and go back into hiding until the spring.

My leg and I are feeling better now and I was able to do some more quilting yesterday and finished the project.

Stained Glass Log Cabin

Stained GlassStained GlassThis beautiful quilt was dropped off to be quilted by one of my longtime quilting friends.  She has made a couple of these. Each one more striking than the last.

I just love this quilt and have to make one!

This gorgeous scrap quilt is a good way to use up some of your scrap collection.  When Gina makes a quilt, she cuts her scraps into 1½inch strips (for 1inch finished pieces) so they are ready to create one of these masterpieces.  Black fabric is cut into ¾inch strips (for ¼inch finished pieces) and sewn to each piece for the "lead".  The black sashings and her bright colors make it look as though light is actually shining through a stained glass window.

Busy Days

This past week has been crazy busy. I'm sorry I have been away from the computer for a few days.  My sister and I had a wonderful visit.  We don't see each other too often since she moved so we try to do everything, all at once, while we are together.

We had the opportunity to go to a wonderful picnic/party that is an annual gathering where we see some people we don't see the rest of the year!

We also had a sad goodbye this week. Our very dear friends lost his mother...her mother-in-law.  Mary had been ill for awhile and couldn't hold on any longer. The services went well dispite the rain.  She was a dear person with a good heart.  She will be missed.

Too Many Ideas

My sister is in town visiting.  I love when she comes! Yesterday, my sister, our sister-in-law and I went to Michigan to see our other sister in her last craft fair.  I was a very busy day. While walking around viewing all of the wonderful things the vendors had to offer, I saw many quilted items from table runners to wallhangings to bibs to jackets and purses.  Lots of hard work was put into many beautiful items.

Today, my sister and I went to a small quilt show we had heard about from a friend. We saw many beautiful pieces.  I love going to quilt shows.  I am inspired by the pieces on display by the quilters as well as the samples, fabrics, patterns and new gadgets shown by the vendors.

Quilter's Step Ladder

DisplayDisplayYes, I know this picture is sideways! Please tilt your head Laughing.

My husband assembled my beautiful new quilt rack and I wanted to show it to you.  I especially love the fact that you can see so much of each quilt.  This Quilter's Step Ladder is made of Oak and constructed very well.

I purchased this beautiful piece of furniture from Sturm Crafts.  I have several items from them and love them all.  The quality of each item is excellent.  The craftsmanship remarkable.

Happy Quilting,

Great Weekend

What a weekend!  I had a wonderful weekend.  When my husband and I left the house early Saturday morning, I forgot to get my phone off of the charger but that was the worst of my worries this weekend.  We took a nice, long ride through Northern Indiana to pick-up a piece of equipment. We rode through beautiful country and enjoyed the changing colors. The weather was perfect the entire time.

Quilt Show

ArticleArticleMy husband found this ad and brought it home for me. The Quiltmakers of Kankakee (Illinois) are presenting a quilt show titled Autumn Splendor 2012 at the Kankakee County Fairgrounds' Expo Center.

This quilt show will be open this weekend, September 29 and 30 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Admission is $5.00. The show features 400 quilts, bed turning (at llam and 2pm), a rafle quilt, silent auction, vendors and barn quilt tours! If you live in the area or would like a little autumn road trip, you'll want to consider visiting this show this weekend.

If you would like more information, you can call 815-933-2993 or 815-942-0766.  They also advertise a website, www.kankakeequiltmakers.com.

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