New Baby, New Quilts!

PlatesPlatesMotorcyclesMotorcyclesSophiaSophiaMy husband and I are thrilled that we are grandparents and have celebrated the birth of our third grandchild. This new little baby boy bundle of joy, of course, needs to have quilts!!!  Since he was receiving his first quilts, I decided to make a new quilt for his big sister too. Smile

The first picture shows the license plate quilt made with six- inch sqares alternated with six-inch four patches made with blue and yellow.  I found two different license plate themed fabrics perfect for this quilt.  The fabric in the six-ince squares shows license plates all jumbled up. The fabric used in the border shows license plates arranged in straight rows.  Matches perfectly with some of the decor in his room.  I meandered the entire quilt which I believe to be strong quilting which will help the quilt withstand alot of use and multiple washings.

The second picture shows the motorcycle quilt made following the Take Five quilt pattern. I found three different motorcycle prints. One on a navy blue background, one on a black background and the third on a light tan background. I added a blue and white fabric and a red with different colored dots for pops of color.  This quilt was quilted with an all over wandering circle design which I also believe to be sturdy quilting.

The third picture shows the Trip Around the World Quilt I made for his big sister (two years old) using two different Princess Sofia the First fabrics and five other coordinating colors. I took care to fussy cut (cutting each square individually while centering the desired design) the Princess Sophia fabrics to make sure the entire figure was displayed in each square.  This quilt is a nice addition to my granddaughter's new room with her big girl bed. I quilted this quilt with another sturdy, all over quilting design that I call wandering loops which is very similar to, but a bit more elongated than the wandering circles.

Happy Quilting,