Welcome friends, family, fellow quilters and soon-to-be-friends. What a wonderful gift from my daughter---a "quilty" website. We hope for this to be a community driven site. We can share, learn, laugh, cry, talk, help and visit with each other!

I can't wait to hear about your projects and to see some of your favorites in the Showcase Forum.

Late winter and early spring have been very busy around here. Sometimes when I have to put quilting on hold for a bit but it is still quilting that helps me get over the next hurdle in life. I know quilting is there and I can plot, plan, create, sketch, and doodle my way through anything.

Spring is always a time for new life and things being revived and refreshed. I like to try something outside of my usual.....put some wild fabrics or colors together ( I remember when pink and green weren't allowed to be seen together. I know I'm aging myself now.) Or try a pattern or style that is a little bit crazy. This is also the time for many quilts to be made --- quilts for graduates, quilts for brides, quilts for babies and don't forget to do something special for yourself.

Happy Quilting,