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NSAJRD (National Sew A Jelly Roll Day) --- It's back!

Jelly RollJelly RollSeptember is National Sewing Month! I love September.... fabric sales, tool sales, sewing machine sales and special projects to keep us busy.

Tomorrow, September 15th, is National Sew A Jelly Roll Day. A set of 42, 2½" strips, rolled to look like a delicious dessert, is lovingly known as a Jelly Roll.

I've choosen mine. You still have time to choose your Jelly Roll and choose your pattern.

When you have finished your quilt top, whether you do a Jelly Roll Race or a more challenging design, I hope you will email me a picture of your project and let me share it.

Happy quilting,




Chain Quilting Thread Cutter

Thread CutterThread CutterEasy PeasyEasy PeasyI picked up this awesome little tool while I was at the Internatiol Quilt Festival in Chicago.  I set it aside for awhile as I was not working on projects using chain piecing.

While working on chain piecing hundreds of 1½" squares together, I glanced over and saw this little gem....still in it's package....and thought I would give it a try.

It is an awesome, time-saving tool and now lives next to my sewing machine!! 

Happy Fourth of July

Tumbler FlagsTumbler FlagsHappy Independance Day!

I am proud to be an American and happy to have been able to spend this day celebrating with family and friends. The weather did not totally cooperate, but, we had great food and alot of fun.  I hope you were able to get together with some of your loved ones too.

Tomorrow.....back to my sewing machine!

Happy Quilting,


A Little Break

Spring Break is here!! 

I planned, shopped, cleaned and cooked to my heart's content. We had a wonderful Easter. Even though it was chilly outside, the Easter Egg Hunt was a blast.  I love the excitement as my grandchildren gathered their eggs and opened each one to find a treasure.

The house is still clean, the laundry is still done, I took care of errands this morning and we have plenty of leftovers.....so.....let the quilting begin!!! I am excited to have a few days to catch up on some projects, sewing with a friend and perhaps some fabric shopping.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you will also find some time for quilting.

Happy quilting,

Happy New Year

 I hope all of you have been able to spend time over the holidays with family and/or friends.  We have had the pleasure and opportunity for both, from our youngest grandchild to our oldest and dearest friends. 

I especially love the time spent with the children.  Their excitement and wonder are infectious and they bring smiles to everyone around them.   I love that each moment of the time spent with a child is an opportunity to make a new memory and introduce them to the traditions of the Holiday. 

Time spent with our dear friends sparks many conversations about past adventures and the posibilities of adventures yet to come.

National Sew A Jelly Roll Day

Jelly RollsJelly RollsHappy NSAJRD (National Sew A Jelly Roll Day). 

Apparently it's a thing! I'm happy about it. I'm happy whenever I have a reason (excuse) to sew and NSAJRD is as good a reason as anyLaughing (as if I need a reason!) and when I got up this morning I knew I was going to use a Jelly Roll.

Quilt Shop Hop

What a Pile!What a Pile!My sister, a dear friend and I took part in a Quilt Shop Hop.  We had great fun.

There were eleven shops included in this event and we were given sixteen days to complete our mission.  Sixteen days sounds like more than enough time but my sister lives far away and we had some family obligations during her visit so, in reality, we had five days to finish.  We knew we may not be able to get to all eleven shops and we accepted this posibility but decided to give it our best shot.

Happy 4th

Tumbler FlagsTumbler FlagsEveryone who has walked into my house over the last couple of weeks has commented on this small quilt and pillow.  They are patriotic and festive. 

The quilt is a small throw that I place over the back of my couch. It was made using 4" tumblers with a 4" border around the outside.  The border nicely frames the piece.

Tiny 2" tumblers were used to make the small flag on the pillowcase which also has a 4"border.  I chose to make a pillow case so the pillow can be removed and the pillow case  then folded flat for easy storage.

Happy Fourth of July.   Have a safe and happy celebration.  

As always, I also wish you....


FarmFarmFrozenFrozenSometimes I feel like using a panel to make a quilt is cheating but I found these adorable panels and couldn't resist them!

My three-year-old granddaughter loves Frozen and wanted a quilt for her new bed.  I found several awesome Frozen fabrics but couldn't help falling in love with the life-sized panel of the sisters. I used some of the complimentary fabrics to add borders and voila!!! A quick, beautiful quilt was created, and an adorable little girl is very happy!!

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!!! I hope each of you and your families experience good health, peace and happiness during 2017.

After the hectic holiday season I think we look for the new year to be a fresh start.  Many of us make New Year's Resolutions and vow to do better in some aspect of our lives. 

One of my nieces forwarded a neat idea to me. Not a resolution necessarily, but something to try to keep up with during the new year.    I'm sorry the author is unknown.  The idea is to save a "snippet" from each fabric you use during 2017.  At the end of the year you will have a sample of each fabric as a kind of a fabric timeline!!!

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