Winter Weather

National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day is March 15th. That's tomorrow!!!

I can sure use an excuse to hide in my studio and get some work done!  Not that I need an excuse but after all of the schedule changes for State Testing at school, the horrible weather this week (yes, we had even more snow), the darned flu etc... I will welcome the opportunity to celebrate something wonderful. Wink  And we all know, quilting is wonderful!

I have several projects I am working on, I just have to decide which one to work on first. 


In Like A Lion

Our winter weather this year has been relentless.  It has been our worst winter in over thirty years.  Although I'm not a real fan of being outside during harsh winter weather,  winter doesn't usually bother me too much.  I walk the dog a few times a day and spend most of the remainder of my time indoors.  The ridiculous amount of snow we have had and the long string of below zero and in the teens temperatures are really starting to take its toll.

Need A Nap

I am not usually a napper.  I am usually a night person.  I don't know what's gotten into me this week but I think I need a nap!!!  I hope I'm not fighting a cold or something.......maybe it's just the really cold weather we're having right now but as soon as I sit down, I could fall asleep!!!

Despite my sleepiness, I have been quite productive this week.  I did all of the usual school and household things, cut pieces for a couple more quilts, looked through books and magazines for planning (like I need more projects on my list), taught a mini-class on making a T-Shirt quilt, worked on a quilt-in-progress, read a book, spent some time fabric/pattern shopping, and last night went to a schoolboard meeting (which lasted a crazy long time).

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