Tumbler Quilt

My Mistake

EdgeEdgeI made a mistake when I told you about my colorful Tumbler quilt.  I am  now working on a Tumbler Quilt using a nine inch tumbler block.  I gave you the information for that quilt!

The quilt with the six inch tumblers is twenty rows of twenty-three tumblers.  This means 460 tumblers make up this quilt.  Each tumbler is different thanks to the donations of scraps from some of my friends.  So....keep cutting!!!

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Happy Quilting,


TumblersTumblersSnow, snow, and more snow!!!  We got several more inches of snow today. For the most part, I stayed inside and got alot accomplished.  If it were a weekday, we may have had another snowday away from school.  I know I will probably be crying in June when we have to extend our school year to make up for the days we have missed for the snow and/or horrible cold, but, I have been enjoying the extra time at home.

My sister is often after me to do something for myself.   I guess like "the shoemaker's kids never have shoes"....."the quiltmaker doesn't have quilts"!

I finally finished one of my Tumbler Quilts and got it on the bed.


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