Singer Featherweight

My New Featherweight Baby

New BabyNew BabyHappy National Sewing Month to me!!!

I am always checking out Singer Featherweight Machines and weaving looms on EBay, Craig's List, at estate sales, garage sales, auctions and anywhere else I can find them.  The machines are often incomplete, not in working order, left to rust and rot or very beat-up with really high price tags.


FeatherweightFeatherweightI don't think a day goes by that I don't think about my mother.  She was such a wonderful person and is loved and remembered by anyone who ever met her.  As Mother's Day approaches,  I am especially thankful that my mother taught me how to be a good mom and I, in turn, could pass this on to my children.

My mother also has to be given credit for my quilting successes!!  Although my mom was not a quilter, she encouraged me each time I tried a new craft or hobby.  She demonstrated patience every time I needed her helpwith my newest craft or hobby!!!

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