Signature Quilt

Wedding Quilt

Signature QuiltI finally finished this signature quilt for my son and his wife and gave it to them so they would have it for their anniversary at the end of the month.

Missing Quilter

A quilter friend of mine is going to make a signature quilt for his church's anniversary celebration.  He is currently in a rehabilitation center after a recent surgery.  Since my recent illness, I know what it is like to be recovering from surgery.  When he told me about his project and voiced concern that he wasn't going to be able to cut the pieces in time for the celebration, I offered to cut the pieces he needed using my AccuQuilt machine.

More Ribbons

I have been busy cutting more pink ribbons.  I am sorry to say that another friend at work has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Everyone loved the quilt we made for Patti so we wiill all be signing another ribbon to go into a new Ribbon Quilt.  I am so sorry that this terrible illness had touched another person.  I am glad that a Ribbon Quilt can bring a little spark of  happiness, warmth and comfort to a friend going through this ordeal.

Happy Quilting,

A Different Signature Quilt

Pink RibbonPink RibbonA dear friend, neighbor, co-worker is battling breast cancer.  She is a fighter and is doing her best to beat this awful intruder but we all know it is a difficult battle.

I am going to make a special quilt for  her.  My other friends and co-workers are helping me.  I cut out pink ribbons with my Accuquilt machine.  I found a great pink sparkle fabric for the ribbons and sashings.  After being signed with our hopes, prayers and best wishes, the ribbons will be appliqued to the white background fabric.  The background is a tone-on-tone fabric printed with cancer ribbons.

Family Reunion Quilt

Family Reunion QuiltFamily Reunion QuiltThese ladies brought this remarkable quilt for me to work on.  It is a signature quilt that has been taken to their family's reunions each year and signed by the family members in attendance.  The detail is difficult to see in the picture but the quilt turned out great!!!

Popcorn Jars

JarsJarsThese jars turned out soooo cute.  I helped my daughter-in-law put these together for the wedding reception.  What a great idea.   These were put on the table and when guests entered they found the jar with their name on it and found their seats.

You can dig into your stash and cut the fabric for these wonderful party favors.  We used all purples to keep with the theme of the wedding.

Wedding Day

Well, it's official.....I have a Daughter In Law!!!  My son was married to his beautiful bride today.  Everything was great. 

If you know me at all, you know this also means that I get to make another signature quilt.  Each of the guests were asked to make a square for the bride and groom and they did a very good job.  I am very excited about the squares for this new quilt but I am exausted tonight and I am going to get some sleep.  The last few days have been very busy!

Happy Quilting,


They Love It

The happy couple loves their signature quilt.  They kept reading over the wonderful messages for a long and happy life.  They appreciate the quilt as a keepsake and love the crayon fabric used for the back, border and binding.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Happy Quilting,

Two Teachers --- Too Cute

Color Me PerfectColor Me PerfectI finished working on a signature quilt from a wedding my husband and I went to.  I found the perfect backing fabric!  This perfect fabric is fiilled with brightly colored crayons and doodle marks,  Yes it's perfect.  Perfect for two teachers!!!

One is a Physical Education Teacher and the other is a Special Education Teacher.  The wedding reception was school themed and complete with goodie bags, toys, crayons and coloring sheets.  Several of the guests were teachers too and we had a blast.

Best Wishes

I have been sorting through all of the signature squares for the wedding gift I am making.  Each guest at the reception was asked to sign a square for the happy couple to comemmorate this special day.  I hope you get an idea or two from the pictures I've included.  I laid the squares together, in sort of a collage arrangement so you can see some of them.  As you can see (I hope they are clear enough to see!), some people just sign their name or write a brief message while others include a sketch.

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