Scrappy String Quilt

TopTopI do love scrap quilts!

I save all scraps from all of my projects.  Several of my friends save their scraps for me too so I have an even larger variety of colors and prints.

My scraps are sorted into eight different categories and stored in plastic tubs.   The categories I use are: *Crumbs* --- pieces smaller than 2½" square, *Chips*--- pieces smaller than 4½" square, *Charms* --- pieces 4½" square to 8" square,  *Chunks* --- 8" square or larger, *Selvedges* --- narrow pieces of the selvedge edge of the fabric, *Strips* --- 2½" or wider, evenly cut, *Strings* --- pieces wider than ¾" can be uneven and *Strays* --- blocks leftover from a project or practice.

Recycle for the Birds

Best Bird's Nest EverBest Bird's Nest EverLast year on April second, I talked about using threads and scraps to help the birds.

I am a pretty frugal quilter and use up every bit of fabric and thread that I can.  I love to make scrap quilts and not only use my own scraps but several of my quilter friends save their scraps for me!!!

Scrap Organization

I've always had my scraps pretty well organized and under control.  I cut them into various sizes and shapes (squares, triangles, tumblers, apple cores) and store them in plastic tubs until I have enough to piece together a quilt top.  Lately, I'm finding that I need a few new categories.  I really love scrap quilts and have been working on some crazy quilt blocks.  I also want to make a string quilt and do some other experimentation with various scraps.

For the Birds

Load With BitsLoad With BitsWhen I woke up this morning, I heard birds chirping (a sure sign of spring).  There were even a couple of Robins flying around the yard darting in and out of the trees.

The yard had dried out a little so I decided to fill my bird feeder and hang out the wire basket of "nesting materials".

Scraps Galore

ScrapsScrapsI feel like I won a jackpot!!! I am sew happy.....

I love, love, love scraps!  I was helping a friend  organize his cutting area/fabric stash room and he gave me a bunch of fabric scraps.  Some of these little treasures were the scraps he had been saving for me.  He is one of my quilting friends who keeps a bag next to his cutting table to collect scraps for me for my scrap quilt projects.  Some other pieces are left over pieces and blocks from projects he has already completed.  Other pieces are from his stash that he is unlikely to use anymore and he knows I will use them up!

"One Man's Trash..."

Many of us live by the old adage, "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure".  We shop at garage sales, attend auctions, collect antiques, use hand-me-downs and donate to resale shops.  As quilters, we save our scraps for scrap quilts, string quilts, charm quilts and crazy quilts.  I absolutely love scraps!!!  I even  have quilting friends who save their scraps and give them to me because they don't use them.  When I get a box or bag of scraps it's like Christmas.  I love to sort through them.  I like to examine their size, shape, color and print.  I adore making  quilts with the vast collection of fabrics that I gather.

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