Quilting With Kids

This Year's Class Quilt --- We Have a Winner!

An awesome little girl named Samantha won the quilt today!!!  She kept hugging it while carrying it to her car!  She plans on snuggling under it while watching a movie and sleeping with it tonight.

They Come In Threes

Great WorkGreat WorkWe're working hard on getting through the last few days of the school year.  The children really want summer break to be here already and are very, shall we say, energetic!!!  It is becoming more challenging to keep them focussed as the weather gets nicer.  

Grandson's Fabric Shopping

Six ChoicesSix ChoicesWhen my grandson was in town  for my son's wedding, we were running errands and stopped at Joann Fabrics to pick up some stabilizer and a few spools of thread.  While we were walking through the aisles of fabric, he spotted a bolt with orange and red flames that he really liked, then he saw the orange and yellow flames and asked if we could get some to use in a quilt!   He loves the flames on race cars and superheroes, as most boys his age, and of course I said yes.  Next, he found a bolt with red, orange and yellow flames and soccer balls.  I'm not exactly sure why there are flames with soccer balls but he loves to play soccer and likes the flames so we added it to the cart.

High Hopes

I have very high hopes of getting alot of things accomplished this weekend.  This has been a week of long days and late nights.  I feel like I have been running around in circles doing a little here and a little there but not completing enough to make me happy.  I have several things in the works which need only a little more time and attention to  get them finished.  I also have to catch up on phone calls.  Tonight I'm going to get to bed at a decent hour and hit the floor running in the morning.

Bring Your Quilt to School Day

I am very optimistic about this school year.  My class is very excited about quilts and quilting.  While I was teaching them about my favorite kind of sandwich (the quilt sandwich, of course!), they kept creeping closer and closer to me.  We compared types of batting.  They each got to keep pieces of batting (to spark quilt conversations at home) and want to learn more.

Then, when I brought out several quilts to compare,  they were all touching and cuddling them.  My dog went crazy sniffing the quilts when I took them  home but the kids were very cute! 

Then children are also interested in the quilt related books I am reading to them.  They keep asking if I have more (ooohhhhhh yaaaa --- I have more).

This Year's Class Quilt --- We Have a Winner!

This time of the year is soooo crazy.  It is the last week of school.  My classroom is being moved so I have to pack everything up for the move.  This is alot of work but I am happy about going back upstairs in our building.

Files need to be updated, grades finished, report cards done, book orders filled out, inventory sheets completed, and more --- all while still teaching!

Freedom Quilts

Monday was a holiday here ( AKA no school!!!) to recognize Martin Luther King's Birthday.  This is always kind of the kick-off to teaching African American History  (February is Black History Month) in school.  As you know by now, I love to sneak quilts/quilting into my second grade classroom every chance I get.  I have developed curriculum on the Underground Railroad and the Freedom Quilts used to help slaves escape and reach freedom.  I love teaching this subject and it sparks the interest of everyone in the building, students and staff members alike.

Grab the Cascade.....and Quilt

Wow, it's already the end of the first quarter of this school year!!!  This weekend was spent working on preparing report cards and gathering information for this week's parent/teacher conferences.  This will be a crazy week of classes and conferences. 

I do, however,  have a project we can work on between the busy!!!  This project can be done in shorter sittings so we don't need hours at a time to work.  You can make a small wallhanging, table runner, table cover or an entire quilt.

Through the Eyes of a Child

I sometimes find myself being very conservative, especially with color.  I love earth tones, muted colors, pastels, brights, tone on tones and basic colors.  I find myself asking if the colors "go together" rather than if they "look good together".  I like balance.

I know what I like when I see it but am sometimes leary of taking the leep to create unconventional combinations myself.

Hawaiian Quilting

This is the week at school when I introduce quilting and my yearly quilt project to my class of second graders.  Our reading story this week is Luka's Quilt.  Luka's Quilt is about a little girl and her tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian ).  This is a cute story which includes much information about traditional Hawaiian  quilting and the quilting process.  There is also some conflict resolution thrown in for good measure.

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