Beautiful Applique

BlockBlockWhen this quilt was brought to me to be quilted, I was excited to have the opportunity to work on it.  These beautiful Antique Peonies are appliqued to a white block and set on point.

The creator of this quilt did a fantastic job with the placement of so many pieces in each block.  It couldn't have been an easy undertaking.  The results are stunning.

I outlined the floral pieces in the large blocks and the designs appliqued in the cornerstones.  I quilted repeated loops in the green rails, leaving the center, red rails, unquilted.

One of the best things about being a long-arm quilter is that I get to see many, many different quilts.  I get to work


Wow! The end of another hectic week.

Things are a little crazy at school right now and I often feel like all I do is run from one place to another.  I love working with my class but sometimes the politics of the place is a little too much for me.

I find peace in my quilting.  Any and all aspects of quilting.  Looking for patterns... shopping for fabric...touching, sorting, ironing, folding,cutting fabric...sewing...measuring...quilting...binding...talking about quilting...reading about quilting...snuggling under a quilt!!!  It's nice to have something to turn to that helps give me peace of mind.


I not only love quilts  and quilting------I also love studying the history of quilts and quilting. 

We often think only about the fabric used in quilting.  We all know that quilts used to be made out of the "good parts" of worn out clothing.  Now we buy fabric for our quilts and work out a color scheme to suite our taste and decor.  We can even buy reproduction fabrics to make our new quilts look like they are old quilts!

All Batiks

BatiksBatiksI had a great time working on this quilt.  The entire quilt is made from Batik prints.

The combination of squares and curves has a nice effect and seems to add motion to the quilt.  The variety of prints and colors make this quilt come to life.Wedges, arches, etc.Wedges, arches, etc.

Although each block is turned in a different direction, which helps create an almost 3-D affect, each part of each block was quilted in the same manner and is appealing to the eye as it follows the pattern throughout the quilt.WedgesWedges

Quilting Calms Me

A friend of mine called about a sale at a teachers' supply store.  We decided to go today ( and you thought teachers were off all summer!!!!  while in reality we are busy shopping and planning for next year ) and since my grandson is still visiting we brought him with us.  He loves to help me spend money at the teachers' store and there are always a few things that a seven year old can't live without.

Don't Skimp on the Backing

The topic of using muslin for quilt backings has come up a few times in the past week.  In my opinion,  a 100% cotton fabric which is the same quality as the fabrics used for the quilt top should be used for the back of the quilt.  I have nothing against muslin, it is useful in many situations but it typically has a lower thread count than quilting fabrics so, although it is an inexpensive fabric,  it is not an ideal choice for quilt backing.

If you use a low thread count fabric for the back of your quilt you could find that little tufts of batting will poke out of the back of the quilt.

Royal Treatment

I love having a reason (excuse) to go fabric shopping.  I also love being given some artistic freedom in my work. 

A long-time friend and co-worker asked me to make a quilt for her daughter's birthday.  She gave me minimal requirements and left the rest up to me!  The quilt needs to be queen size.  Her daughter wants the quilt to be mainly pink with black and some white.  She likes anything to do with music and loves New York.  I came up with several ideas and have been processing ever since.

Area, Perimeter and Quilts

I see quilt patterns everywhere I go.  I have mentioned before that I see block patterns in tile, flower beds, wallpaper, sidewalks, books on a shelf etc.  You can imagine my delight when my students start seeing quilts in things.

Scrapbook Quilting

I envy people who always have their camera ready.  The people who catch those great shots at every party, picnic, play, walk in the park and BBQ!  I am trying to get better with my own photography.  I usually, after the fact, think, "that would have been a great picture".  Of course by then it's too late.  I also have great intentions  about scrapbooking the photos I do take!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter.  I have had a fantastic week.  A bit hectic, and I feel like I neglected my quilting a little bit, but I was still in school this week while my daughter and grandson were visiting.  I loved coming home from work and having them here.  My grandson and I would play or work on a little project.  He is seven years old now and the perfect age for more board games.  We had some nice weather to play outside in and began planning my garden.  We also enjoyed shopping a few times for new Legos and such.  We would have dinne

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