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Happy 4th

Tumbler FlagsTumbler FlagsEveryone who has walked into my house over the last couple of weeks has commented on this small quilt and pillow.  They are patriotic and festive. 

The quilt is a small throw that I place over the back of my couch. It was made using 4" tumblers with a 4" border around the outside.  The border nicely frames the piece.

Tiny 2" tumblers were used to make the small flag on the pillowcase which also has a 4"border.  I chose to make a pillow case so the pillow can be removed and the pillow case  then folded flat for easy storage.

Happy Fourth of July.   Have a safe and happy celebration.  

As always, I also wish you....

Happy New Year 2016

I wish you all a new year full of happiness, good health, and lots of quilts!!!

Today I had the opportunity to meet a new quilting friend.  She was delivering a package to my house and noticed my license plates ( I DO QLTS ). She is a quilter and we have alot in common.   What a nice way to end this year and begin the next.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Our children and their families came to our house. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we were all in the same place enjoying each other's company.  I can't think of anything better.  I hope you were able spend some time with family or friends as well.  Of course, after the family left and the dishes were done, I zipped downstairs and got some quilting done.

Independence Day

Tumbler FlagTumbler FlagA dear friend and I have been getting together for a sewing day here and there during my summer break.   I have been on a Tumbler kick and thought this project was perfect for the Fourth of July.  Admittedly, we should have started a little sooner!  They will, however, make a nice display for Labor Day and next year's patriotic celebrations.

Such a cute wall-hanging! It is made using four inch tumblers.  You need to cut nine blue tumblers, twenty-six red tumblers and twenty-one white tumblers ( I used white-on-white prints).  I added a four inch border on all sides and used the border fabric for the backing as well.


BeautifulBeautifulThis beautiful quilt has been delivered safe and sound!

Two years ago, my sister mailed a quilt top to be quilted and a few other items in a box to me.  I got a box with some packing materials but otherwise empty.  Although the package was insured and the USPS (United States Postal Service) did pay the insured amount, we felt they did not put their best effort forth to locate the missing quilt.  It was very sad and my sister said she planned never to mail a quilt or quilt top again.

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was Monday after Mother's Day and I was lucky enough for my birthday wish to come true!  I wanted pictures of my two grandchildren together.  Our grandson was staying with us for a few days while his mom was out of town on business.  Our son and daughter-in-law came over with dinner, flowers, their camera and our new granddaughter! We had a wonderful evening and they took lots of pictures for me. 

To top it off, my husband gave me a digital picture frame so I can have a slideshow of all my fantastic pictures. I can showcase my grandchildren and all of my quilts.  I am very excited to get it all set up.

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