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Today was officially my first day of summer break!  Yes, the last day of school was last Friday, but Monday and Tuesday I was working at school to pack up my classroom and yesterday I attended a lengthy meeting with teachers and administration to plan for next year.  So this was really my first day off and I certainly made the best of it.

It felt soooo good to be able to sleep in a little late and take my time enjoying a cup of coffee before my shower.  I ran a few errands, threw in a load of laundry, did dishes and spent the remainder of the day working in my studio. 

The Last Week

This is the last week of our school year.  This is a very busy and very tiring time for teachers.  Finishing academics, IEP meetings, RTI meetings, grades, report cards, taking down bulletin boards, cleaning, packing boxes, finalizing class lists, inventory, book orders, supply orders, and preparing for next year......the list goes on......and trying to keep a class full of eight year olds on task for a few more days!!!

While doing all of this, I, of course, am preparing myself for the projects I will finally have time to complete myself.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is our most solemn holiday.  I am thankful for all who have served in our military, those who have lost their lives, those who have lost loved ones serving our country and those still serving to keep us safe and protect our freedom.

After spending some thoughtful moments to remember what Memorial Day is all about, we usually turn to celebration which is also awesome because we have the freedom to do so.  Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start of summer. 

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there! I hope your day is special in a way that makes you happy.

I am spending the day with my husband and our grandson.  In my humble opinion, there should be more days like this in our calendar! Moms are often underappreciated and it is a good thing that there is at least one day when people stop and think about all that their mothers do or have done for them!

I am also excited for my daughter-in-law who is experiencing her very first Mother's Day with her beautiful new daughter.

Enjoy your day!

Happy Quilting,

Baby Quilts

PrincessPrincessSelvedgesSelvedgesWe have a new grandchild on the way!  Our son and his wife are expecting a baby girl and we are all very excited.  Our grandson is ten years old so it has been awhile since we have had a baby around here!

These two quilts are the first two to help give her a warm and cozy welcome into the world.

I saw this Disney Princess fabric and couldn't resist it.  It went into my shopping cart so fast.....there was a blur!

Each of these fabrics is sparkly. I fussy cut (carefully cutting so the image is

Fussy CutFussy CutPrincess CrownPrincess Crowncentered) each of the princess blocks 6½" for a finished 6" block. I also fussy cut each of the princess crown blocks. They were cut 4½" for a 4" finished piece.  I found this beautiful yellow with gold stars to match the color of the crowns and some of the princesses gowns.  I cut 1½" strips  for a 1" frame around each of the crown squares (they are now each 6½" squares like the princess squares). I laid out the squares in a 4x5 grid alternating the princess squares with the crown squares. Next, I cut 1½" strips of the pink fabric with swirls and used them for sashing (1" finished).  I added a 4½" (4" finished) border made from the purple fabric with swirls and small flowers. Then a 1½" (1" finished) pink swirly border and finally a BackingBackingLabelLabel6½" (6" finished) purple swirly outer border.  

I used a solid pink sparkle fabric for the backing and added a label before quilting an all over design of wandering loops.

The second quilt is made entirely of selvedges (the edge of the fabric which identifies the fabric using information such as the designer, manufacturer, year and colors used).  My daughter-in-law loves alot of color and this is a colorful quilt.

I cut the selvedges so at least ½" of the fabric shows. I think this adds EdgesEdgesMoreMorecharacter to the quilt and makes it more attractive than just using the white strip of information.

I sewed the selvedge strips together (lay one strip on the other exposing approximately ½" of the fabric's design/color-sew very close to the edge to secure the two pieces-repeat to desired size) then squared up (cut so each block is a particular size with straight edges) each block to measure 6½" for a finished 6" block.

I sewed the blocks together into a 5x6 grid alternating the pieces in a BackingBackingLabelLabelhorizontal/vertical placement.

I found an awesome tie dyed fabric for the backing. This beautiful fabric contains shades of green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, red and pinks with a little splash of black. I named this quilt "Colors On The Edge" and attached my label before meandering the entire quilt.

I like to quilt baby quilts with a fairly close over all pattern because it helps strenghten the quilt for its many washings and frequent use.

My hope for these quilts is that they will be comforting, loved alot, hugged tight, dragged around,  napped on,  traveled with, cuddled under, snuggled with during bedtime stories and maybe.....just maybe.....be "the blankie"!

Happy Quilting,


Back Online/Pressing On

Thanks to my brilliant daughter, we are back online and better than ever!  We had some technical difficulties which were causing problems on this website and I am very glad that she has the knowledge and talent to upgrade it for me. Thank you Susan.

Bounty of BottlesBounty of BottlesWhile my daughter was taking care of the technology, I was busy with some "pressing" business of my own! (sorry, I couldn't resist Smile)

Mother Nature

I am very anxiously awaiting a visit from my sister.  She is supposed to be coming on Friday. I hope she does not end up snowbound.  This is the third day in a row that they have had snow. Not just a dusting......inches of the white fluffy stuff.  It just keeps coming and coming!  This is supposed to be spring but Northern Wisconsin seems to be taking another stab at winter.

Spring Break

Spring Break was wonderful but I did miss my class. It was great to see my children again today. I was greated with hugs and smiles and heard a multitude of stories about their Spring Break adventures.

I got alot accomplished over break and will be sharing my stories and projects with you but for now....a little sleep. I really got off of my schedule during my time off and tired hit me all of a sudden!

Happy Quilting,

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. 

I wish our weather was a little more spring-like but when I heard that my sister got several inches of new snow today, I decided to be happy that it is at least dry here today!

In between Easter Egg Hunts, dinner, chocolate bunnies and spending time with your family and/or friends,  I hope you can find a few moments to work on a quilt!

Happy Quilting,

Wedding Quilt

Signature QuiltI finally finished this signature quilt for my son and his wife and gave it to them so they would have it for their anniversary at the end of the month.

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