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Messy Quilter

I tend to be a messy quilter!  Oh, I'm not messy with my quilting---actually my quilts tend to be neat and precise, I am messy with my studio!!!  I get working quickly and lay a rotary cutter here,  throw some scraps there, set the scissors down here and threads seem to end up everywhere!   I do not like to work in a mess though, and since no one else is bound to clean up after me, I have to take care of it myself!!!  Today was the day.  I spent some time organizing and cleaning so I could  start in a clean studio in the morning.  I suppose just so I can mess it up again!Laughing


I am working on my sister's beautiful dragonfly quilt.  It is taking me a little longer than expected for a couple of reasons..... first, life dared to interrupt my quilting!!!  Smile  Secondly, I decided to use alot of echo-quilting on this quilt.  Echo-quilting takes alot of time to do but is absolutely beautiful when completed.

Special Baby Quilt

Jack and JillJack and JillMy grandson came for a visit this weekend.  He has grown like a weed!!!

Going to Snuggle!

The school year, as you know, is over!!!  I have spent the past few days packing up everything in my classroom because I am being moved to a different room next year.  Thank you Carol for all of your help.

All of the packing, sorting, cleaning and moving boxes finally wore me out.  I am very tired tonight.  I quilted for awhile but my eyes are quitting on meSmile so I quit working before I start making mistakes.

Tonight, I am going to go to bed and snuggle under one of my quilts.   Maybe I'll have sweet dreams of the next quilt I will design and make!!!

Happy Quilting,

This Year's Class Quilt --- We Have a Winner!

This time of the year is soooo crazy.  It is the last week of school.  My classroom is being moved so I have to pack everything up for the move.  This is alot of work but I am happy about going back upstairs in our building.

Files need to be updated, grades finished, report cards done, book orders filled out, inventory sheets completed, and more --- all while still teaching!

10 More and Counting!

It seems like once Spring Break is over, the rest of the school year zooms by.  We have only 10 days left now and soooo much still to do. This time of year is also always challenging because the weather is nice and the children would really rather be outside playing than in the classroom working.  I try to come up with some fun ideas to help keep their interest.

We will be finishing our quilt squares this week (yes, I will post pictures as soon as they are frinished)  and next weekend I will put the quilt together.  The quilt will be raffled off on Thursday, June 3.

We Met Over A Quilt!

I have always been amazed with the caliber of people I meet through quilting. I have met many people over the years, all of them good people.  "My quilters" are kind caring people.  Quilters have shared their Hups and downs with me and have been patient with me when my ups and downs have slowed me down.  Maybe it's the art of quilting which draws these people.  After all, as quilters, we poor our hearts and souls into our craft.  Our quilts comfort the people who use them as we put a part of ourselves into each one.  This may sound a little bit corny to some people but all of us quilters know it to be true!!!

Classroom Quilt Time

The end of the school year is nearing.  It's time to start working on this year's classroom quilt.  The ticket jar is nearly full.

Every year I make a quilt with the children in my classroom.  Each child will make a square for the quilt.  On the last day of school one lucky winner gets to take the quilt home "for keeps"!  The boys and girls can receive tickets for earning an A on a test, doing a good deed, handing in homework, earning a student star, bringing up grades or any other time they are "caught being good".

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.  Whether you are a mother, have a mother, give or take motherly advice or remember the wonderful things your mother did for you.....I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I also hope you were able to take some time for yourself to do some quilting.

I had a very good day.  My husband let me sleep late, very late.  After I got up, showered and dressed we went out for a late breakfast.  When we got home he did some things I put on his "honey do list" while I made a fresh pot of coffee and went to my studio to play.Accu-quilt Rules!!!Accu-quilt Rules!!!

Shopping With My Grandson

You know we have had our grandson with us this week while our daughter was on a business trip.  We have had a fantastic time.  I have slowed down on my quilting just a bit, but, as I'm sure you understand,  their only young once!!!

My grandson has been around quilts, quilting, thread and fabric his entire life.  We have his trains set up so he can play while I'm busy in my studio.  He loves to help and it is amazing how much he has learned over the years.  He knows the names of most of my tools, he knows how to press fabric, he knows how to measure accurately with a tape measure,  he can sew a straight stitch on a sewing machine, he likes to turn the handle and help cut pieces with my Acccuquilt machine and he is a good fabric shopper.

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