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Shopping Spree

BatiksBatiksI was able to do some fabric shopping at my favorite fabric warehouse and found this collection of Batiks!  The bundle contained sixty-one yards and my sister and I were happy to share so we could each add this beautiful prints to our fabric collections (AKA stashes Wink). Each piece in a bundle is five to ten yards and considered a remnant.  Sharing a bundle is a great idea because we each scored two and one-half to five yards of each print.....Oh the possibilities!!!

Thank You Vets

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Veterans for their service.  Whether you are Active now, or were in the past, I appreciate the sacrifices you and your families have made for our country.  We all celebrate this day differently.....thanks to your service we have the opportunity to choose how we honor the men and women of our military.

Thank you.

Happy Quilting,

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not....You'd have to admit that the little children in their costumes are cute! They are always so excited about Trick Or Treating and some of the costumes show real creativity.  This day at school is a little crazy though. Second graders have a very difficult time focussing on schoolwork when they have Halloween on their minds.

I live in a semi-rural area so I rarely ever get Trick Or Treaters at my door so I took the opportunity to spend a little time in my studio. 

Accuquilt Snowmen

SnowmanSnowmanI recently got these two dies from Accuquilt.

Although these dies are for the Accuquilt Go and I have the Accuquilt Studio machine, I can use them with my machine because I also purchased the adapter which makes this possible.  I am very happy that Accuquilt came out with the adapter which helps make my machine more versatile than ever.

Monday was a day off of school for Columbus Day. A friend and I had a quilting day together. It was wonderful. We had alot of fun talking and "playing". She also has an Accuquilt machine and we were comparing our dies and coming up with many new project ideas to use them for.

Fresh, New, Quilter

I love meeting fresh, new, quilters! Everything is so exciting to them and it renews excitement in me.  New quilters are interested in everything I have to share with them and they haven't heard all of my stories so I have fun telling them again.  New quilters are amazed with all of the tools, notions and gadgets I show them and when they see what all of these treasures can do, the look on their face is priceless.

Got Froggy!

FrogFrogI am so "hoppy". I found this frog!

I was very sad when I waited too long and found out that Accuquilt discontinued their adorable frog.  I tried everything and everywhere I could think of but couldn't even find a used one that was available.

After my unsuccessful search, my daughter found the Accucut website and showed it to me! Accucut makes dies and die cutting machines used by schools and crafters.  I was very excited to find this adorable frog and to find out that Accucut's dies are compatable with my Accuquilt Studio cutting machine. I ordered this awesome die right away and he magically appeared (via UPS) at my front door while I was at school!!!

First Day of Fall

Happy First Full Day of Fall.  Our weather was absolutely beautiful today and it was quite inspiring.It was kind of a crazy Monday at school but I was able to get my class (very energetic second graders) outside for a few minutes of recess to enjoy this gorgeous fall day.

Since it is still National Sewing Month.....I took my sewing/embroidery machine to the spa (aka....it is giving me some trouble so I took it to the repair shop) for the overall treatment.  Thank goodness I am fortunate to have another so I can still get some piecing accomplished while she is away from home.


Have you seen the Accuquilt sale that is going on right now?  You might want to take a look!!! The Studio dies are 40% off! That's an amazing sale and it ends September 23.

I am also looking for the Leaping Frog die and found out that it has been discontinued. Frown It was made for the Accuquilt GO but I have the adapter and could use it on my Studio cutter.  If anyone has one that they would be willing to part with.....Please let me know!

Hoppy Quilting Laughing,

My New Featherweight Baby

New BabyNew BabyHappy National Sewing Month to me!!!

I am always checking out Singer Featherweight Machines and weaving looms on EBay, Craig's List, at estate sales, garage sales, auctions and anywhere else I can find them.  The machines are often incomplete, not in working order, left to rust and rot or very beat-up with really high price tags.


ViewViewView twoView twoIt was so hard to keep this beautiful quilt a secret!!!

My sister made this gorgeous Bargello quilt to be given to her granddaughter on her wedding day.  I got to quilt this beauty for her but had to promise not to show it to you until after the wedding.  We certainly didn't want the Bride-to-be to spot it and ruin the surprise!

The wedding was last weekend so I get to let the cat out of the bag!!!  Of course the Bride and Groom love this wonderful gift.  I think it's nice that I get to show it to you during National Sewing Month!

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