Quilter's Husband

Happy Ending

I knew this week would be a very busy one considering we had Father's Day, my son's birthday and my husband's birthday to celebrate.  What I didn't expect was the ugly turn that this week took and the reality that our lives can change in the blink of an eye.

Our world was turned upside down when my dear husband had a heart attack.  Fortunately, he hung on and after an angiogram and the placement of a stent is doing well.

It was obvious my husband was beginning to feel better when his sense of humor began to return.  He had been hospitalized on his birthday and started telling everyone that he knew I was planning to get him something special this year......he just hadn't realized what I had in mind!

Quilter's Step Ladder

DisplayDisplayYes, I know this picture is sideways! Please tilt your head Laughing.

My husband assembled my beautiful new quilt rack and I wanted to show it to you.  I especially love the fact that you can see so much of each quilt.  This Quilter's Step Ladder is made of Oak and constructed very well.

I purchased this beautiful piece of furniture from Sturm Crafts.  I have several items from them and love them all.  The quality of each item is excellent.  The craftsmanship remarkable.

Happy Quilting,

Great Weekend

What a weekend!  I had a wonderful weekend.  When my husband and I left the house early Saturday morning, I forgot to get my phone off of the charger but that was the worst of my worries this weekend.  We took a nice, long ride through Northern Indiana to pick-up a piece of equipment. We rode through beautiful country and enjoyed the changing colors. The weather was perfect the entire time.

Mr. Fixit

Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs Guy, also on many commercials) gave a speech recently about the lack of training going on for blue collar jobs. Everybody is being pushed to go to school to get their degree in business, technology, science etc. and less and less are being trained for the trades. I do think a good education is important but a degree is not the answer for everyone and I agree with the idea that all jobs are important and we will be in trouble in a few years if we do not start treating labor jobs as if they are important.

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