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Shopping Fun

RobotsRobotsCute FishCute FishA friend and I decided to run out for a little fabric shopping.  Neither one of us really needed anything so of course we found alot that we just couldn't live without!!

I found these awesome robots and couldn't pass them up.  My grandson loves robots and since they will be moving into a new home soon, I thought he would like a new quilt and maybe some curtains for his new bedroom.

The colorful fish, yellow/orange/cream print and the

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you have a wonderful day full of food, family, friends and fun.

I love Thanksgiving. I like the fact that we celebrate this holiday by gathering with family and friends and being thankful for everything meaningful.

This evening, after the effect of the turkey wears off, I hope you can find some time for quilting!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Happy Quilting,

Fresh, New, Quilter

I love meeting fresh, new, quilters! Everything is so exciting to them and it renews excitement in me.  New quilters are interested in everything I have to share with them and they haven't heard all of my stories so I have fun telling them again.  New quilters are amazed with all of the tools, notions and gadgets I show them and when they see what all of these treasures can do, the look on their face is priceless.

Flower Baskets

Flower BasketsFlower BasketsI had the opportunity to quilt this beautiful Flower Basket Quilt for a friend.  When her sister passed away she found this quilt top that she had made. 

BasketBasketThe baskets are pieced from a pink floral print on a white-on-white background.

BackingBackingI had a perfect subtle print to use for  the backing and the binding of the quilt.

Missing Quilter

A quilter friend of mine is going to make a signature quilt for his church's anniversary celebration.  He is currently in a rehabilitation center after a recent surgery.  Since my recent illness, I know what it is like to be recovering from surgery.  When he told me about his project and voiced concern that he wasn't going to be able to cut the pieces in time for the celebration, I offered to cut the pieces he needed using my AccuQuilt machine.

Two Trips

A friend of mine made two Trip Around the World quilts. She made a blue one for her son and a pink one for her daughter.  The Trip Around the World pattern was a perfect choice for these two quilts.  Her son is in the Navy and is stationed in Washington but, of course, travels also.  Her daughter has spent some time traveling for work and pleasure and is moving to North Carolina.  I don't know if these two young adults will ever travel completely around the world, but I do know that their quilts will provide warmth and comfort to them wherever they do go!!!

Care Package

1/2 yard cuts1/2 yard cutsI found out today that one of my quilters and her husband have both been ill, were both hospitalized (she had surgery), and are both home but still recovering.  I don't like when anyone is sick at all but I am especially sorry that they have not been feeling well during this holiday season.

Dee called me today to let me know that a friend of hers will be coming tomorrow to pick up her finished quilts for her.  I hope the quilts will help her feel a little bit better.

Laurel OttLite

For some time, I have been singing the praises of the OttLite!!  I have told you how much I love them and you know I have several.  I even carry the small OttLite flip light in my purse!!!

My friend Cynthia called to tell me OttLite had a new stylelight out.  She said they must have heard how much I like their lights because they named one after me!!! LOL  She said they were on sale at JoAnn's.com.

I checked out the sale and, of course, had to order!!!  The Laurel lamps are very pretty!!! The sale (on-line only) included a table lamp and a floor model for one low price.

More Ribbons

I have been busy cutting more pink ribbons.  I am sorry to say that another friend at work has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Everyone loved the quilt we made for Patti so we wiill all be signing another ribbon to go into a new Ribbon Quilt.  I am so sorry that this terrible illness had touched another person.  I am glad that a Ribbon Quilt can bring a little spark of  happiness, warmth and comfort to a friend going through this ordeal.

Happy Quilting,

Pink Ribbons

Pink RibbonsPink RibbonsThis is the finished quilt for my dear friend Patti. 

I brought it to her today and she was thrilled with it.  She loved the fact that friends wrote their well wishes on the ribbons of the quilt.

All of the pink parts on the quilt, (the ribbons, sashings and border) were created from a beautiful pink fabric with a little bit of sparkle.  The white sections of the quilt, (the blocks and the borders) were created from the perfect white-on-white I found that has white cancer ribbons printed on the white fabric.

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